Manchester Games 2011

The Manchester Games is back… two weeks ago. 12 February 2011, so yes this is once again a very belated post.  😦

So I was in charge of basketball with Chia Khuan, Caroline and Looh Zhen. Considering I have never watch a complete basketball match, the game is fairly new. Of course I always thought that basketball, like football and rugby, is a group of people chasing after a ball. The complexity of sports in general are too tiresome for me to understand.. Turns out the rules for each games varies, and the game wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be.

For this MGames, basketball, badminton and football were the three most popular sports. There were so many basketball teams (three for MSSM alone!) and there were two courts for it. Caroline, Chia Khuan, Yeong Chyn and I were in charge of one court while Looh Zhen and Krystle were at another .

l-r: Yeong Chyn, Chia Khuan, Caroline and I

Before the game begin, we learn how to used the score board. Looh Zhen was lucky. Her court  was using the more recent scoring version (below) . There were more buttons, but it was more advantageous such that if we made a scoring mistake, for example a point extra for home team, we could reverse the pointing system.

Us? Not so lucky. We couldn’t reverse our mistake in pointing system, which caused a little trouble.  We were using the older version (below) with an antenna that almost came detached because it was always squashed in that tiny box. To make matter worse, the antenna didn’t seem to be responding at times – I had to personally aim the antenna towards the big screen on the top to make it work. It wasn’t such big a deal for the preliminary rounds, but from the quarter finals onwards, every second counts…

As the game proceeded, I start to appreciate a little about basketball. It’s more than just chasing after a ball – the teamwork and agility of the players simply awed me. It seemed at times that they were running from the left end of the court to the right end countless times. 

This was one of the pictures for the preliminary rounds. I love this picture, because look at how high the players jump just to get the ball into (or out of) the hoop.  I wonder, if I played basketball, would I get taller? 😛  Or would I had to be tall to play basketball in the first place. lol.

The preliminary rounds took almost three hours even when it was only 6 minutes per half time for each game. Chia Khuan and I took a short break and head of for the Malaysian fair. The place was bustling with many people. Food smells nostalgic. We got most of our food from one stall. There was a very funny incident i witnessed. This guy came up to the booth and asked what teh tarik is. By direct translation, teh tarik is pull tea – which is exactly what the seller told the guy. He look puzzled and  I, who stood at the side, was trying so hard not to burst into laughter.

When we got back, the preliminary rounds ended shortly after. It was 1pm by then. We quickly took a short break to eat and continued our volunteering! Oh, the referee in our court was a semi-fresh graduate . (Semi because he graduated two years ago). He was smirking all day long..  the sly grin I so wish to wipe of his We didn’t know exactly what he was thinking, but if we took a guess, he must be laughing deep down inside how noob we all were in basketball. Especially when girls are in charge. I may be stereotype, but girls and basketball just don’t mix. 😛

Time is essence.  I remembered one of the players from Imperial asked if the time was paused during free throws. When I told them it will only be given during finals, they mentioned something about time constraints. But what to do…. tak boleh buat apa apa pun. Or the players should stop being so rough. One thing I couldn’t quite  understand is what could the players have done (apart from obvious shoving) to be fouled?

The quarter final, semi final was longer, and finals 15 minutes. This was the result at about 4pm…

Warwick and Titans competing for third place. I forgot who won, but I remembered one of the Titans players sprained his ankle. and he was really really tall, so it’s a bummer for the Titans.

Warwick vs Titans



Someone wrote a phrase “was lucky! ” under Imperial  in final round. I saw the guy writing it, but he was laughing as he did it so I guessed it’s just a simple dare from friends. As it happened in Nottingham Games, MSSM 3 and Imperial once again compete to be the champion.

It was really a close game.. Every second counts. Every free throw counts.

Imperial vs MSSM 3

The last ball that entered before time was up. Yes I was the one who gasped “omg tie!” LOL.  It was a tiedat 34-34 at the end of the match! Super wow, right? By then, the court was full with people filled with anticipation to see who win.


Imperial won. 🙂

It was a fair game. MSSM team is as strong as Imperial. If the time were to extend a minute longer, they may end up with another tie. Good game!

At the end of MGames was the prize giving ceremony.. This is hilarious. Before the game even started, one of the players asked if there was a prize for winning. And wallaaaaaah… there were plenty of hampers!
We also received a certificate of participation without any name on it. We have to write our name ourselves hahaa! That day was a day to remember  although I remembered doing something embarrassing that I feel like being an ostrich and hide my head in the ground… 🙂  Not telling! 😀

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