The Boyfriend


I am always a sound sleeper. I hardly ever have dreams, and even if i do, they are usually nightmares. No, i do not classify nightmares under dreams. Simply because of this: Dreams are supposed to be fantasy-like, the type that keep you smiling throughout the day, while nightmare just ends with a terrible migraine in the morning.

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She stood at the door, contemplating to knock. Her palms were sweaty and her chest was beating so hard she could almost hear it. There are millions of thoughts swarming through her head that it began to hurt.  Deep breath. Deep breath, she told herself, as she forced herself to calm down.

“Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine. They are going to love me.” A male voice said. Only then she realised that she was not alone, as an arm curled around her shoulder. It was strong yet gentle all at the same time. She never looked up but his presence calmed her jittery nerves till  she felt composed enough to knock.

Knock knock.

The door opened quietly, slowly revealing a middle aged couple.  “We’ve been expecting you. Come on in.”  They took of their shoes and entered the house. His arms was no longer resting on her shoulders, but it did not matter.

“Mom, this is my boyfriend…” She heard herself saying. Somewhat surprised by her own confession, she finally looked up and came face to face with ‘the boyfriend’. He was about half a head taller than she was. His face reflected a quiet essence of maturity and confidence she had never seen in other people. And those dreamy eyes, she could stare into them forever. It did not take her long to realise who he was….


I did not remember the rest of the dream because I was shocked to discover ‘the boyfriend’.  The reason I’m sharing this is because I couldn’t get it off my head – it’s like a fairytale, literally. But then, I wasn’t a princess and I would’t know if we lived happily ever after. Once in a while, it’s sweet and exciting to dream about my knight and shiny armor, whoever he would be, wherever he is..

The last dream I posted: Dreams (25 August 2010)


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