The Oil City

In relation to topic #62: Describe the town where you grew up.

I miss home lately.

Being more than 6000 miles away, it’s not that difficult. Although I accustomed to living in Manchester, there is no place like home.. don’t you agree? As I close my eyes right now, I could almost feel like I never left; Miri is a beautiful place to live in with so many cherished memories.

At this very moment, I miss my own room. I especially miss my comfy bed, even if there is no Me to You pillow case or bedsheet (like the one I have here in Manchester, wheee!) . I miss having to look above my wardrobe to a row of many cute bears I collected over the years and the little decorations around my room.

Did you know that my room used to be a playroom? Back then, it was scattered with Lego particles; my brother and I used to build houses, trains .. I don’t quite remember how we managed to fill the whole room in the first place. 🙂 But one day we decided we were old enough and kept all those away. How could we ever be too old to play Lego ??

I miss driving, although I am not very good at  it.

But Miri is a considered safe place to drive. The traffic isn’t as heavy and the people are friendlier. When I was at a small road junction, there were several times the drivers would slow the car and let me ‘come out’ from the junction. During peak hours when cars were sticking bumpers to bumpers, some drivers would still be kind enough to do the same.

My first junction I drove out from with my P license.  I bet you know why.

I like Miri is because all my relatives are living within fifteen minutes away, with light traffic of course. And it’s sometimes feel so small because almost everybody know everybody. There’s not really any secrets in the city; if you don’t want anyone to know anything – shhh, don’t tell anyone. at all.

Some pictures of the city:

Chung Hua. Aw, i miss this place most. I went back once or twice after graduation, and I could still remember most of lovely memories. Right now, I am smiling at the thought the terms acid, alkaline, neutralisation, which means more than just chemistry.

Tanjong.. last visited: Sept 3rd, 2010

A place would be more beautiful with memories and closed ones to share with. Click the category Miri to see more of it.

P.S. I miss Sarawak Laksa.


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