If there were magic

From topic #63 You’ve got a magic tree: what does it grow?

If I could make Sarawak laksa grow on the tree outside my window now I would. The heavenly taste of curry that excites millions of taste buds as it lingers in your mouth with the spicy aftertaste nobody could resist.

Occasionally it maybe grow some kuey teow, pisang goreng, curry puffs, lekor, satay, rendang….. *drools*

Okay seriously,

…if I had a magic tree, it would be in plain sight.

It would be moderately tall with a gigantic bark, its branches fork out from the trunk like millions of fingers. The leaves being as beautiful despite the season; lustrous green during spring, shiny orange-gold during autumn and as the leaves fall after, it reveals many small boxes.

Yes, boxes.

The boxes are generally small. It would be well camouflaged, hiding between branches fork that only the person who take a second look of appreciation on the tree would be able to see.  It would be of different shape and sizes, each holding a unique surprise.

As a person opens the box, it would give him (or her) the one thing he (or she) would need most. For some, the box may reveal an opportunity. An opportunity to be a better person; to be more courageous, to be more forgiving, to be more understanding, to be more loving. ♥

For students, the ability to suppress temptations. For adults, an opportunity to find a better job prospect for a more secure financial future, or for a loving family. For elderly people, the simple appreciation from the younger generation.

The box could also hold a small packet of glitter. Sprinkle a little on yourself and you could see what another person is thinking for the rest of the day. It would come out as thought bubbles just like in the cartoon. You wouldn’t be surprise if the thought bubbles never match the speech bubbles: 口是心非 😀

But really..

On second thought, a tree that grows Sarawak laksa, now that’s magic.

3 thoughts on “If there were magic

  1. ezra says:

    why wish for all those trees when the only magic tree you need is the one growing with money :). Heck with money, you can open your very own laksa restaurant next to your room. Or hire the most pro laksa chef to fly to UK to prepare for you.

    Reply: hahhaha if i had money, i can’t change the time difference. Think about having to wait 14 hours to wait for the “pro laksa chef” to come and cook for me. By then my cravings are most probably gone. Not to mention the santan put overnight still pakai or not one. hahaha. If I open the laksa restaurant next to my room, my room will smell of laksa all the while: oily environment causes oily skin which results in terrible pimples and acnes!! So, my conclusion is, the tree that grows Sarawak laksa will always be better than a tree that grows money 😀 The laksa would be fresh out of the pot, yum yum.

  2. Low Kim Kiat says:

    Hahaha, if there’s magic tree, i wish they just need to grow up pretty fast, so i could use more wood supply. =P carving some my own furniture. I love trees somehow XD

    Reply: You’re so mean! How could you cut down a magic tree just to built a furniture TT If i had a magic tree I’ll add a repulsion spell especially for you. Don’t you dare cut down my magic tree 😛

    • Low Kim Kiat says:

      not saying your magic tree, miss. just saying, if i could have one kind of magic tree, i want it to be that way. Giving wood more space for building houses and buildings. So people won’t pollute the earth and still got enough of wood to let the world breath on its own. ^^

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