Party of the Year

Do you know that our skin is renewed every seven years? So we are, literally, a different person than we were almost a decade ago.

This term year, I decided to step out from my comfort zone, knowing more friends and acquaintances outside the chemical engineering circle.  I did things I never thought I would, like participating in dance for the Malaysian Night.. and going to a club. The first time was awkward, but I went because I was curious of how a club was. I can’t really remember much of it but came across a picture from the event.

And 7 April would be the second time I’ve been to the club, this time at the Entourage, Printworks..  It was two days before the Easter break started.

Before we went to the club, we headed over to Ee Jane’s place where the pre-drinks was held, but end up we went there for snacks. Those delicious Penguins chocolates with the lamest jokes on the wrapper, Doritos and custard biscuits tasted heavenly with an empty stomach.

 Here are some of the pictures before going to the club:

front, l-r: yoon ming, sandra, ee jane, amy, melissa, pei ying, chia khuan, shiang lynn, mei yan, anne

back l-r: krsytle, me

The world is so small. Turns out Yoon Ming and Sandra are from the same primary school. I swear, being so away from home, and seeing two people who found something in common always makes me smile. And it was also recently Pei Ying and Chia Khuan realised  they have a close mutual friend. And Jake and Chia Khuan stays just about two streets away.  How cool is that?

Most of the new friends I meet in the dance are first years, so most of them are 1991’s or 1992’s. I was so used to being a year younger and I realised I wasn’t anymore.

l-r, clockwise: me, chia khuan, shiang lynn, mei yan, amy, sandra, melissa, pei ying, ee jane

Mei Yan was the one that choreographed the Chinese dance I’m involved in.

Chia Khuan, me and Shiang Lynn

I met Shiang Lynn on the first dance practice and we became closer ever since. I find her personality very unique, like a mashed up between CK and mine. LOL. And She lives in Weston too 🙂

l-r: chia khuan, me, mei yan, shiang lynn, sandra, krystle, amy, anne, ee jane, pei ying

Drinks. Drinks. Drinks. The liquor smells like banana before mixed with coca-cola. Don’t ask me how it taste cause I didn’t have any.

More pictures:

Chia Khuan and Melissa.. with me butting in the side.

Amy’s beautiful hair pin.

Finally, after midnight, we took a taxi to the club. The club wasn’t very packed, much to my delight cause … you don’t have to squeeze!
More pictures to share:
spot me at the back ?
on the dance floor
Chemical engineering rocks ❤ Say hello to the first years… and me !
The most natural picture of the night cause none of us knew when this was taken except Anne who was sticking her tongue out.
Club isn’t a place I would frequent in the future, hopefully, but this experience was certainly a night to remember. The music blasting loudly and flashy lights helped to keep things off my mind.


Signing off…

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