Volunteering Marathon

Some backlogged volunteering pictures to share .

Build a Pond Challenge : 14 April 2011

On the first day, the other MLPers did all the hard work by digging a pond – literally. I skipped all the hardwork because I had apartment viewings appointments. My luck πŸ™‚ The second day was less hectic. We had to lay out the carpet on the hole, a black plastic over it, fill hole with water and call it a pond.

This was us estimating the amount of carpet left to cover the soil on the right side. We barely had enough to cover everything, but with a little cut and paste, all’s well.

l-r: George, Matthew and Hsien Hao

And now, Matthew and Carol are laying out the plastic on top of the carpeted area. The yellow line at the bottom right corner is the water hose.

After that it’s pretty easy. For more than two hours, we just waited for the water to fill up the pond. To decorate it, we laid turf on the side of the pond and put two plants in the pond πŸ˜€

Carol, the one in red, is the MLP coordinator πŸ˜€

l-r: (um…?), Caro, (um…?), Matthew, Rafeala, George’s granddad, George and Hsien Hao.

As it turned out, four of five of the MLPers are Chemical Engineers, with the other Taiwanese doing Business Management. Nice.

I didn’t know my Nokia N97 can take macro pictures.

Canal Spring Clean: 18 April 2011

I didn’t take much pictures because because we are picking rubbish. And of course, very distracted with apartment viewings calls. The lunch break was filled with phone calls: I felt so important. LOL.

Nan Nook Woodland : 20 April 2011

The place was beautiful.. but hard labour for this one!

No, I’m not taller than caroline. I have boots! πŸ˜€

Lunch at the cafe nearby: Kids meal!

Matthew felt like a kid and went on the slide – twice!


George wanted to get on the bouncer but thank god time constraints. I was afraid that if he did, he would break the thing πŸ™‚ Kidding.

Happy George


Guess what? I saw real horses! We saw dogs too, but I’m not as enthusiastic.

So, this was what we had been doing. Moving wood chips from one side of the field to another.

I’m on a pile of wood chips πŸ™‚

Rachel, me and Matt

Time to clear up!

A group picture of all of us. If you’re curious on how big the pile is AFTER we did 5 hours of work, click the picture below:


2.5 hours before I reach my target.Β Planting in the Park Challenge, here I come!

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