Malaysian Night 2011 : CanCannot

29th April 2011 marked the one of the most memorable date for Great Britain, as the world celebrated the royal wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton. But in Manchester, for the Malaysian Society, it symbolized the most important event of the year.  The Malaysian Night 2011: CANCANNOT.

Although I am grateful to be a part of the night, it happened due to an interesting twist of events. I never intended to join MNight in the first place, but I accompanied for an acting audition with Krystle, whom I met from volunteering for MGames 2011, which I joined to log volunteering hours for MLP, which I never would have done if I did not join MLP. Confused? If you believe that every action we make is somehow intertwined, that’s nice. Otherwise you would think that these are all coincidences. Well, I prefer to believe in the former.

Anyways, the Malaysian Night this year was held in the RNCM. Chia Khuan and I took part in the Chinese Traditional Dance, along with eight other friends. The upside about being part of the night was you get to appreciate more about the amount of work done and be backstage. The downside was, you don’t get to see the performances. Chia Khuan, Shiang Lynn, Chu Huan and I managed to watch the rest of the show after intermission before returning backstage for curtain call.


Like any other formal events, the night started with greetings from the emcee and several speech, followed by a welcoming dance by the MSSM committees. They were led by Kevin Zee (the person in red). I only watched this during the rehearsal, and I especially like the part where they were half skipping here and there.

The first play was entitled “Cappuccino, Americano and Macchiato” by Bashrafi Rahman.

What brings  people together can be an array of many things. In this case – just a cup of coffee. The play explores the journey in the life path taken by people from different walk of life. All in one place, at one time.

The setting was in KLIA airport, I did not exactly remember what the play was about, but I remembered the scrpt mentioning someone changing the name from Salmah to Sally. And of course the three black coffees that are similar yet so different.

I liked the Jazz Dance at the end of the play. 🙂

Next up was our dance: Chinese Cultural Dance. 

A group picture of us

If you watch in 720pixels you can tell where I was! Several friends told me they could spot me almost immediately. Was it because I was the tallest, or I danced really awkwardly, or that I had that sparkling headband? Or was it because I was just too cute for the stage .lol. >.<

Like most other unjustified fears in life, I had stage fright. But that night when I went out, no matter how hard I strained my eyes (even with my contact lens on) to look at the crowd, it was pitch black, like looking towards an empty audience.

The crowd cheered more loudly as the guys entered and performed the martial arts.

Cool ending pose eh? 


Another play  ‘Jalan Jalan Yang Susah’ by Rasyad Emir.

It’s the night after graduation party. Four friends reflect on the choices they have made about their future and their friendship during their university lives

I personally didn’t like this one at all, particularly because of too much cursing. Life is hard, but is there really a need to express it so vulgarly? I heard that there were a lot of parents who took their children out of the theatre because there were too much uncensored words.

Finally, during Intermission, we get to eat some Malaysian food by Ning’s. I have yet to know where Ning is located in Manchester. As for the lucky draw, believe it or not, we know the winner: Zee Ching! She got a Blackberry phone 🙂

Malay Dance 🙂

Last play ‘PR Day’ by Mervyn Lai.

A small office has been picked by its parent company as the image it wants to portray to future employees among the audience. But it’s not all sunshine… and they may have made the worst choice ever.”

This play may be a bit lengthy, but I think it was quite meaningful.

I giggled a bit at the second video when Didi decided at the last minute to not touch Janet’s thighs LOL.

I especially like the last part “but first, you must have dreams” 

For the Indian Bollywood Dance, 

Group photo of them

The final dance is the Fusion Modern Dance, which is a feels like Indian (the music!) blend with a bit of Chinese  (because of the ribbons!)

And also Dikir Barat

Oh I nearly forgot, the Transition Actors. The funniest part was the microphone they were using which, imho, look a bit like horns. I remembered in the first transition, they were using mainly Malay  to communicate.. Someone must have told them that about half the audience are non-malaysians, which means they would not be able to understand Malay or our infamous Manglish, and after the intermission, they would translate if one or two malay/chinese/hokkien/cantonese/hakka words are being used.

Curtain call! 

The Chinese dancers were the first to enter the stage, and we all did with a little confusion. After all, the closing ceremony was never practised.

The night ended at about 11pm. We were glad that so many people turned up. It was a good way to catch up with those Malaysians we know but hardly talk with. And did you know I even see some of my non-malaysian coursemates there? So cool. A funny Mike told me during intermission “I didn’t know you could move so much on stage. You’re always so tired in class.” LOL.

Malaysian Night is over.

Everything slows down.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and videos, credit to Jen, Andy and Imelda. Some backstage pictures would be published in the next post. Stay tuned !

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