I turn twenty today.

19 May 2011 marks the end of my teen years as I begin the first day of my young adulthood phase.

Growing up is proportional to the unspoken understanding of maturity level other people expects from you. Being twenty brings a blend of mixed feelings. A sense of satisfaction to not be required to sit at the ‘kids table’ during large family reunions, although I probably still would. The feeling of excitement, as the world opens up a realm of possibilities. But most of all, a moment of realisation. That I no longer have excuses for any ungraceful behaviours. That I have more responsibilities and that I should start thinking about the future. My future.

Over the past year, I have rekindled old friendships, make new friends, strengthen relationships, overcome fears, take on challenges and experience new adventures. Here are some interesting things to note when i was 19…

I board a flight without my parents for the first time, took up a temporary teaching job in Miri. Went swimming floating with new friends during summer, volunteered for the first time (and many times after), went for a photo shoot, travelled to Europe, gone to a club, danced on stage for the MNight to name a few. And I started using contact lens.


As the first Semester 2 ‘Distillation and Absorption’ paper falls on my birth date, I am blessed with friends who celebrated my pre20-birthday together (on may 15).  I’m so thankful that they took the time for revision to have the small celebration at Efes. While waiting for the others to arrive, we took a few pictures:

Do you notice almost all of us girls have different hairstyles?

Eventually, all arrived. Those who came were, from front left: pei hau, careena, (me), chia khuan, lz, ying, matthew, jake, shiang lynn, amy, caroline and seng tuck. 🙂

We took this picture before eating, so that the table was clean. The waiter was very funny, he kept making a joke that Seng Tuck wasn’t putting on his best smile when he took the picture. He did look like he’s smiling in this picture, isn’t he? (He’ sthe first guy on the right)

The food in Efes was different from the normal buffet style food we eat at Taiwu and Pacific. Different good. Especially the dessert.

The part I love most about my birthday, apart from the feeling of being appreciated and cared for,  is the birthday wish can make right before I blow the candles.For the past couple of years I have wished for the same wish, and few weeks ago, I realised that I already got what I wished for a long time ago but I never noticed that I did. So this year, I wished for something more meaningful….

And for that few magical seconds, I get to believe in dreams come true, and that somehow my wish matters. And that the world revolves around me muahahaha..

You know, the same waiter who took our group picture earlier told Caroline to be careful when taking the cake out. Instead of being cautious about burning the wooden floor, the waiter said something like “if you drop the cake, you have to bake another one” LOL.

And the huge surprise was the present all of them chipped in to buy! I was amazed at how large the birthday bag was, and was giggling excitedly because of the lovely me to you items inside 😀 Thank you so much!

And only then, I realised the reason Jake and Matthew went to Efes earlier than us, although both of them, Shiang Lynn, Amy, Caroline, Chia Khuan and I stayed at Weston Hall. It’s the same thing they did last year, and I never thought of it… to hide the present! 😀

Me and the big bag of goodies. I feel so paiseh that receiving the gift. My addiction to me to you collectibles make it so freaking easy to choose a present for me, but it is a relatively expensive brand, thus the paisehness..

Let’s share the cake!

The lunch ended after two hours or so. thaaaaaank yoooou friends.  I was really touched by your thoughts.. and ck and i’s new flat is going to be filled with Me to You’s (and Hello Kitty’s), once again thanks to you guys!

Click the picture to see the picture without the vintage effect.

Once again thank you guys! 

P.S.Did any of you count the number of candles on the cake in picture no. 2?


3 thoughts on “20.

  1. Sylvia says:

    Hey hey girl,
    Happy Birthday to you! Wishing you in advance or belated (i’m not too sure what time is it there now) Welcome to the digit 2-0! I’m same age with you now. Heheh. Continue with your inspiring posts (yes, i do read xD ). I wish you the very best for your studies there and enjoy your new ‘age’! It is definitely not fun to be older but remember that’s just a figure. The journey for years to come is gonna be a meaningful and full of surprises! 🙂 take care, my dear friend 😉

    Reply: Thank you 🙂

  2. Joanna says:

    HI MS NG. HEHE.i know you can’t login to your fb am i right? but i wna wish you a very happy belated birthday. you’re so cute 😀 I miss you so much. and was it 15 candles? haha

    Reply: Helloooo! Thank you for your wish, but i didn’t check my blog comments. Your wish is very much appreciated ❤

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