As I sat here alone in my new apartment, without any Internet connection (update: it took me three days to draft up this post so i’m able to post this up :D) , I am unable to surf the web, I have nothing better to do besides letting my thoughts wander. I wondered how did I used to fill my time when my life does not revolve around the virtual world. There are no Facebook profiles to stalk, no email notifications to check, and no MSN to chat with friends. What did I do back then?

Exam has been over for almost a week now, and I hardly have the time to blog. There is always something more important to do. A month ago, it was revising for the finals. We hung out in Caroline’s common room for group revisions for every single day, well almost. Then when the last paper was over, we were all more relieved that we could take a proper rest rather than being excited at the thought of summer break.

Chia Khuan, Looh Zhen, Ying, Shiang Lynn, Jake and I went for a short Scotland trip a day after the final paper, while Amy G joined us on the second day. Edinburgh is peaceful but there is nothing much to do there. It was perfect in a way that we could relax and not rush around visiting places, afraid that we may miss tourist hot spots. The one place that is the main tourist attraction is the Edinburgh Castle. The panoramic view was breathtaking regardless the angle and the height we take it from. Here is the only group picture we took with the castle in the background.

We did not do much on the first day apart from walking along the Royal Mile, Fun fact: it named as such because the road is a mile long between two royal castles. After a buffet lunch at Pizza Hut, we checked in at Smart City Hostel and set of to explore the Royal Mile. Here is a picture in front of Scottish Parliament because the structure of the building is unique.

That night we had our dinner at some random bar. A year ago, I could not bother to differentiate between a bar, pub and a club but here I am now, been to all three. People do change, so we could not definitely say that we know a person completely, can we?

I was the only one who had salmon while the rest have fish and chips. The waitress who served my dish told me that it was her favourite as well. What a coincidence! We ordered haggis because it was apparently a Scottish must-try dish. I later find out that it contained beef among the internal organs.

We crashed early that night, exhausted from the all nighters we pulled for Momentum paper. The next day, when Amy arrived, we set of the other half of Royal Mile towards Edinburgh Castle. The weather was gloomy and it drizzled a couple of times that afternoon, each time shorter than the other.

Edinburgh Castle

The castle was too monumental that I lost interest in admiring at the artefacts and remains of the castle because it felt like there were no end to it. I snapped a couple of pictures and left each section as quickly as we entered. One of the places we visited in the castle was the Royal Scot Dragoon Guards Regimental Museum.

Memorial window in stained glass in commeration of regimental casualties during the Southern African War.

β€œThe Royal Scots grey lost 7 officers and 67 men during the Southern African War 1899-1902 with 4 officers and 82 men wounded. This was the highest loss that the regiment had sustained in the war since the battle of Waterloo in 1815 and a significant proportion of the casualties were due to disease.” Quoted from the board next to it.

Some random pictures along the way:

The poor dog was left outside a door 😦

I wanted to buy the group picture we took at the entrance of the castle but it was too pricey. After a couple of hours, we went to Obscura! If holiday is measured by the amount of fun we had, then this was the best two hours of the entire trip. We were initially taken into a dark room, camera obscura it was called, I think, and with a little trick of reflections we could see the entire city virtually.

The other rooms were amazing.

The power within us

Chia Khuan and Ying , magic mirror

big head πŸ™‚

three shadows

because of three spotlights!

where’s my body?

The bottom part of the table are mirrors.

I’m so small. Ying, the giant!!

RAWRRR!! my turn for revenge!

The room was actually tilted, a real optical illusion!

My anime. Does it look like me?

After that, we went to eat fried chocolate bars, which looks gross but tasted delicious. We fried Mars, Twigs and Snickers (Twigs is the best πŸ™‚ ) It was something like the specialty of Scotland or something. Some pictures of food:

Fried Twigs

Jake’s .. scallop somethin at Mussel’s Inn

CK and my mussels at Mussels Inn

On the last day, we went shopping at the New Town. I bought brown bag, thighs and shorts πŸ˜€ We walked around the city and this is my favourite picture that I snapped!

Don’t you just love it?


2 thoughts on “Scotland

  1. Pete says:

    Its a shame that you didn’t venture further then Edinburgh, the real Scotland is getting out of the capital with its money pits and over priced cheap food. btw proper haggis doesn’t have beef in it, made of the heart, liver and lungs of a sheep or lamb, combined with oats, suet and other herbs and spices, and then cooked.
    I live in a city, with a population of around 6000 people, its 12th century and surrounds a 11th century round tower, the only complete one in Scotland which is connected to the cathedral. I am 11 miles away from Montrose, a large town which has the widest street in Scotland and in the harbour was the biggest sea battle of the 16th century civil war and is name after Montrose a royalist who helped fight that battle.
    I am just 20 minutes from here
    and 10 minutes from
    (There are my images btw πŸ™‚ )

    Its amazing how many people stop at Edinburgh and don’t come north, Dundee, they supplied the world with jute, world famous for makers of marmalade and DC Thompson who produced newspapers, kids comics and The Broons and Oor Wullie, Glamis castle the seat of the Queens Mother and Shakespeare first showed Hamlet, Forfar were the High court was held and the infamous 16th century witch trials where held. All this just 90 miles north of Edinburgh πŸ™‚

    I do hope you come back and I do hope you see the rest of my country. πŸ™‚

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