Summer 2011

It feels good to be home. (:

I could not believe that it has been more than nine months since I last came back to Miri. Everything brings a sense of familiarity, yet somehow a little different. The shiny automatic gate has finally replaced the white rusty creaking gate, while a brown sturdy plate with bright yellow numberings has also replaced the faded house number plate.

Let’s just rewind back time a little. Two days before departure (june 14), I bought a Canon Powershot S95 camera and have been playing with it ever since. I’m not really clever at using camera, but I do love macro shots.Β  Here are some of the pictures to share (:

Apartment keys

I finally use the keychain Lilian gave me last summer. It has been hanging on my notice board, until the day I got my keys. The weird habit i have is to not use the things people give me, I would tuck them safely in my box of treasured memories.


The day before Chia Khuan and I left, we went to the Korean restaurant with Caroline (who insist I delete all the pictures I took of her πŸ™‚ ) The meal was long postponed.. We were supposed to go immediately after the exams, but with Sarah’s birthday and the fatigue taking over, it was eventually postponed until the very last day.

Me to You watch keyring

My birthday gift from Chia Khuan! I hung it inside my bag because I was afraid it would get scratched, and i don’t really wear watches so a watch-keyring is just perfect (:

Chia Khuan’s Hello Kitty keychain

… that desperately needs a wash. Now every time I saw a Hello Kitty merchandise on the rack, I would smile and think of ck. LOL.

Our Apartment

is finally ready, although the living room is in no state to live in at the moment. My room feels homey, so at least I would not be that home sick when I return for my third year (:

My Room

Do you love the wall sticker on my door? It spells “Love makes everything grow“, well, doesn’t it?

My room

There’s a very inconvenient pillar supporting the structure of the place where I finally learn to make use of on the very last day: to hang my clothes, and my towel. I don’t hang my clothes behind the door because it would just scare me in the dark.

Bears and plushies on my bed

View from my room

Follow your heart

No picture from CK room (: Here’s the living room. How awesome is this? The green specks in front of bookshelf is the couch. Since we decide that nobody would be needing the extra space over the summer, why not just let the boxes have a home for the summer. I admire my friends who moved all their boxes up six floors using the stairs, no thanks to the broken lift.

Balcony View

Our room is waaaay up on the top. Penthouse!

On 16 June, I left Manchester with Chia Khuan and coincindentally met up with Andrew, Suhaib, Adrian and Nana at the airport. All five of them are living near, if not in, KL while I was from Borneo Island. I was a little envious, knowing that within one hour or less they would be home. On the bright side, I got to have another short holiday in KL before going back to Miri.

Most people who comes back to Malaysia would crave for kolok mee but I take simple pleasure in any food. On the connecting flight to KL, i had a terrible craving for muffin, and lucky me: there is muffin for snack (:

Chocolate muffin

Corn Flakes for breakfast, anyone?

I went to shop around Megamall and KLCC in KL. Would you believe it? 5 days, 2 places (: My two favourite brands were Elle and ESpirit, here’s a dress I really like from Elle, but it is too formal for casual wear, and I don’t have that many formal events to go to. And the best part imho is that I am wearing size 6 in this πŸ˜›

It’s good to be home. To laze around and do nothing for a couple of days, that’s the best feeling so far.

2 thoughts on “Summer 2011

  1. lilian says:

    OMG…i LOVE your room!!! The window above the bed…….nice view (esp rainy days) Phewwit!!

    Reply: Yay, thank you! HAHAHA. our apartment is in the top floor, so it has a slanting slope. The view is splendid, i agree (: you should come visit some day.

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