Summer Internship Pt 1 of 1

I started work this summer.

Why? Because everyone else is. Almost everyone.

I now intern in an oil and gas company, where I alter between between office and workshop. In the office, it is more about reading up on manuals and operating procedures, occasionally helping out of colleagues with shredding and miscellaneous stuffs. In the workshop, it is far more interesting; I get to observe the process and help out in different areas. Nothing specific here, because from the other intern, E, some things are classified as “confidential”, and as for now, I’m not really sure which are..

It has only been my first week, and I met the most interesting people. I love knowing there are different personalities out there, different people from all walks of life, and we are lucky to cross paths with a handful of them in our life. Some of my colleagues are full of mischief, lacing each conversations with jokes and quirky comments. You know, it is difficult to take someone’s word when you can’t tell if they meant what they say or not. But then again, it makes working more relaxing and comfortable.

But some say the most thought-provoking matters.

E said that at the age of 34, he regretted not studying hard enough during his school life. Probably he wanted to proceed further with his profession, but could not do so with just an SPM certificate. Few days later, when the paycheck was banked in later than expected, he had to dig out money from his fix deposit account, losing all bank interests I presume. And beside him, stood his cute five-year-old girl.

V, the tailor who sews the fire retardant protective layer, said the rough surface of the material callused her hands and tore apart the eponychium. And although the job was quite mundane,even after two years on the job, she did not complain, because she needed to support her family of 5.

I realised that while every family’s earning power differs, the importance of money does not change. Parents work hard for the money we now invest on education, accommodation, especially leisure. And while I have not yet earn enough to cover what I use, I don’t agree with excessive splash and flaunting of money I didn’t earn. Of course, being a miser is equally as terrible. I guess what I’m trying to say that, everything in moderation, that is what counts.

My supervisor, B, was managing IT projects in KL before he transferred to Miri to manage people. When asked if he preffered managing projects or people, his response was of the former.

“Projects are simple. If you try to fix a broken computer, for example, there are only two outcomes: it works, or it doesn’t. It is that simple. People, on the other hand, are more complicated. You never know what they are thinking. They may agree with you at first, but when things really need to be done, they changed their mind.”

He went on talking, each sentence felt as though there were something more he wanted to share. I didn’t press, I always felt that if people wanted to share, they would have – voluntarily.

At first, I felt awkward and slightly uncomfortable. In the office, apart from B and another guy N, I am the only Chinese there. There was a funny incident, the shredder broke, and when N was fixing it (with me hovering around), he suddenly talked to me in Chinese. It took me a couple of seconds to realise he was speaking Chinese and another few to realise that there was nobody there that could understand but me! 😆 *here’s your cue to laugh*

If you are in secondary school (or just graduated) between 2006-2007, do you remember there was a trend of cheesy ringtones like the airport dum-dum-dum-dum C E G C’ and the cute Cupcake song, well I heard the cupcake song as someone’s ringtone! And M from the workshop used the Kung Fu Fighting ringtone. I remembered when I was in high school, we blue-toothed the MIDI files so frequently, and few years later, the buzz dies down. But it brings back sweet memories (:

So, in the workshop, I learn more than just chemical engineering materials, a mixture of mechanical and electrical as well. B joked that since I have been using so much muscles tightening bolts, “if any guys were to bully you in UK, just show them your fist and punch them off” lol . joker.

Working is fun, but tiring. I managed to squeeze a few outings with my 8 to 5 schedule. More about that next time, good night (:


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