Summer Internship Pt 2 of 2


Here’s some work-related pictures/updates!

*giggles* This picture is just to prove that I actually do work in a workshop. I’m on a higher platform, so you can see half the workshop. The smiley face is where the company’s logo is 😛

In the past two weeks, I believed I have sweated more than I have been for the past year!  I am not an outdoor person and I have to wear two layers (a coverall and a normal outdoor suit) – the two combinations that resulted in beads of sweats trickling down my forehead and my cheeks pinking up each day. The Malaysian heat is helping – imagine wearing a long sleeved-coverall on top of your normal tee-shirt and long pants a disposable medical face mask and gloves in this weather!

Here’s another picture of me in the office (two zhi pai pictures in one post O.o cooooool). I like this picture because I can see my double eyelids on both eyes – if you’re wondering why I’m so happy it’s because I used to have a single eyelid on my right side.. and my hair look so thick and long. When did I become so vain? 😛


Part of the workshop!

The stainless steel cuboids with a hold is part of a automatic shutdown system. The edges are really sharp and I nearly cut my finger while nosing with it. Look at the sign at the backSAFETY FIRST. No, no hidden meaning, just wanna point it out.. swt.

This is how the welders weld the two metals such a way that it stays together. It produces dangerous metal dust, which is unhealthy when inhaled.. For each week I stay in the workshop, my paranoid self felt that my life span is shortened by a year. On top of that, I inhale secondhand smoke every single day *wails* All the guys in the workshop smoke and I’m breathing in all the tobacco smoke they puffed out TT

I fix the coupling on the hose pipes. This is the start of my realisation of  how disadvantage girls are at with limited upper body strength. I couldn’t screw it as tight as the guys do, even with the correct equipment and all: after I tighten the bolts to the maximum that I could, the guys could go a little further TT. And they did it twice as fast.

Fixing the protective plug and socket system on connecting wires. This is very interesting and more electrical engineering based. With a little KH memory of which colour defines live, neutral and earth, I am able to fix the wires to the right polarities – and test if it works. The fastest pair I did was under 30 minutes, and the longest time I took three times as long..

Here’s  cutting the rubber with a gasket cutter! Something I’m actually good at – and fast too, mainly because it requires less strength (only after you tighten the two ends of the equipment)

This is how we paste another layer on the little burn holes on the panels. Blow it with a dryer, wait for it to melt a little and roll it over until it sticks. My current challenge is to do this perfectly – i only succeeded once, but it’s with help, so not counted!

The panels.

I’m always amazed by fire.. when it’s small, it’s a friend, when it’s uncontrollable, it’s an enemy. The guy at the back is the other trainee from unimas.

J’s dog, poor dog stuck in the workshop with nothing to do.


So here’ a little idea of what I do. It’s not really related to chemical engineering, and I do not have a 10×15 cubicle like I did when I worked part time in Riam Tech last summer. This experience is different, and apart from the secondhand smoke and metal dusts, I like it here, practical work is interesting to say the least. Random happenings to share: Two friends from the workshop are born in May! One 16th, One 20th… both almost a decade older than I am, but May babies rock!

Sweat a little, go outside your comfort zone, and you might be surprised of what you can do (:

Signing off,


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