** Couldn’t think of a proper title, apologies for the lamest title ever..
* PPE – Personal Protection Equipment

The dog crouched lazily at the end of the boat, underneath the boat’s shadow that shielded him from the afternoon heat. His job was simple: to guard the workshop and bark at any strangers that came. But there were so many of them that came and go with their PPEs* in hand, that eventually he took no notice of them. Just so long as they do not intrude his personal space, they could go wherever they want for all he cared. Besides, the people in the workshop probably took enough precautions to lock the expensive equipments away.

It was just another day. Another hot afternoon.

There was nothing much to do and certainly not really any where he could go with the leash around his neck, the other end tied to the pole. He was lonely. Then, across the street, something caught his eye. He perked up as he spied another terrier bitch. Her black fur swished left and right as she trotted with such grace.

He grew excited, barking and tugging furiously at his leash. But each time he ran a little too far, the collar tightened. He felt as though he was choking, that his throat was closing up. A failed attempt to break free. That damn collar, he growled under his breath. Despite his efforts, the female dog took no notice at him. She did not even bother to look towards him. After a while, he let go, and simply succumbed to its fate…

That, once again, he was left with nothing.

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