Hello! I’m back from Australia two weeks ago. Sydney is lovely. The weather is warm – surprisingly warm for winter. The trip to visit my brother is pretty last minute planning; short but meaningful nevertheless. It was my first time traveling alone, and mind you it’s overrated about how envious it looks to be traveling by yourself. It feels lonely roaming around the airport and waiting in the departure hall alone. The worse part is having to eat alone. 😦 But all’s well.

I love sitting by the window. As the plane flew from KL at midnight, I get to watch the sunrise from ten thousand feet above, shortly before we land.

sunrise from the plane

It’s pretty….. isn’t it?

sydney from above

Brother had a surprise for me back at his place: a Burberry scarf . cool? I have three scarfs in UK – two from my canada cousins, and one i bought from primark simply because it’s purple LOL. I’m a little lazy to narrate everything (since it happened such a looooong time ago :D) but hope you enjoy the pictures!

inside Apple store

After roaming around in Sydney I followed my brother to his class – he claimed to be the most interesting of all. UNSW is a lot prettier than UoM. They have a campus of their own, and the library is so pretty!


UNSW main entrance

in the library

Sydney Harbor and Opera House

Opera House

Syndey Habour

near Syndey Harbour

Opera House – bro and I

OH- bro and I

night view:

Opera House – night view

Opera House – night view

Sydney Habour – night view

Sydney Habour – night view

Pancake House

Pancake House

chocolate shake


The most popular dish : Just imagine the total calories consumed for the lunch!
Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach – bro and i

Bondi Beach – me me me !

Bondi Beach sand

Fish Market

Fish Market maskot?

Fish Market – bro and I


My most expensive breakfast ever. About A$100 for 2 person.

Featherdale Wildlife Park

There is a coupon on the back of the Sydney Guide booklet I grabbed from the airport. 20% off

a) Kangaroo

almost patting a kangaroo

almost – because my brother says if i did, he would have to sanitise his whole room o.O

feeding kangaroo

b) Wombat

My brother’s favourite animal !

my brother and wombat


c) Koala

bro and i and koala

i’m afraid the koala is going to bite me o.O


d) Random animals

blue stork

mek mek

optical illusion

where is my leg?


do you remember the cartoon?

snake shedding skin

Spot the snake?

Darling Harbour

To conclude my post: go to my facebook album for more pictures 😀

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