Chia Khuan’s 21st.

The first phrase that pops into mind when I started this post is ” when you turn 21 everything goes downhill“.Β  I wonder why, really. Isn’t the twenties the best years of our lives?

CK turned twenty one last Friday.

I told her a white lie (note the word white), saying that we’d be having our dinner at Taiwu, 6pm that evening. My management skills really need polishing up, because nothing went according to plan. But by the end of the day, all’s well, and maybe even better. When CK went to shower – thank god for her ensuite bathroom or this would never worked – our friends made their way up to our flat. The lift was conveniently under repair in that hour, in fact, i met the repairman twice on my constant lift rides.

Waiting and waiting and waiting…

Maybe because there is nothing much to do, waiting for CK to come out of her room felt like forever. When she came out … *Drum rolls* walaaaaahhhhhh .. she was surprised, a little shocked perhaps. Let me thank all of you who turned up, and apologise for the delay. Thank you friends !!! πŸ˜€

A group photo!

.. now with Daniel in it πŸ˜€

friends (:

Yit Lin and his fancy camera… (:

Yee You and I

pei hau and yee you

chia khuan and i

caroline and i

eating by the window sill.

Shiang Lynn and Chia Khuan in deep conversations

desserts and cake!

And finally, a picture of the birthday girl!

cut the cake (:

Once again, happy 21st birthday flatmate!Β  (HAHA, i love calling you flatmate now. πŸ˜› )

Pssst: I made the card. and this one too!


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