20 Sentences, 20 Years.

” Write one sentence that summarizes each year of your life so far.”

“If our affections be tried, our affections are our consolation and comfort; and memory, however sad, is the best and purest link between this world and a better.” – Nicholas Nickleby


1991: I was the only baby in the clinic that day (:

1991 – 3 months old

1992: The beginning of my bob hairstyle.


1993: I can walk! (Pictures don’t lie :P)

1993 : 2nd Birthday

1994: I started playing the piano.

1994 – Brother and I

1995: I can ride a bike – with supporting wheels. (Never know how to ride a bike because someone stole it the following year ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

1995: Let’s ride!

1996: My first time boarding a plane – to Singapore!

1996: Singapore trip!

1997: My last year in kindergarten!

1997: Tadika Sri Mawar

1998: The start of our annual Kuching family trip (:

1998: With cousins and grandfather

1999: I remembered my Malay teacher getting roses from her boyfriend/fiance/husband halfway through the lectures, so sweeeeeeeeeeet.

2000: I passed PTS

2001: My first KL trip – with two other families (relatives) and grandma!

2001: in front of KLCC

2002: I discovered my love for food – and grew FAT!

2002: Aunt Celina came to town ๐Ÿ™‚

2003: I step foot in my mother’s (and uncle’s) Alma mater for the first time, and had my first and only F because I forgot to hand in a Art piece.

2003: Mum and I

2004: I transferred from 1D to 2A, and also went to KL for the second time.

2004: At Tanjong beach, under the watchful eyes of all adults

2005: I scored straight As for PMR, wheee~!

2005: Alumni award for PMR.

2006: My brother left for Australia to further his studies, and ironically, the year we started to get close.

2006: Goodbye, brother.

2007: The best year of my life and also the year i fell in love with Me to You tatty teddies.

2007: Me to You bear

2008:ย  The year we kept in touch with high school friends.

2008: Chung Hua concert – I smile when I see this picture.ย 

2009: I graduated from college, had my first trip overseas to UK, experienced my first winter, seen snow for the first time.

2009: Snow in Manchester (:

2010: I celebrated my first new year, chinese new year, birthday, away from home, and had my first job during the summer .

2010: My students, my friends.

2011:ย  My first trip to Australia.

2011 : Brother and I at Sydney Harbour.

Inspired by clutchofinspirations, I decided to try the same topic as well. Most of my deepest memories are my firsts. How about you?

I’m just glad that I got through the minor obstacles in life to be where I am today. Still standing, stronger than ever. I miss you.


2 thoughts on “20 Sentences, 20 Years.

  1. Low Kim Kiat says:

    I guess life went so fast, we can’t even notice it. But at least your’s is wonderful. My family doesn’t like photograph (not like me), so didn’t leave any trace of my past. I could only recall it with my own mind. Hahaha, i wish i had a camera on my own.

    • Jill says:

      lol. thanks, i guess? ๐Ÿ˜€ sometimes photograph is a way to remind you of a beautiful past, and when you look back, you smile ๐Ÿ˜€

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