September 2011

*tears September off the calendar*

It’s October now. Chia Khuan and I have been back for two weeks now- in fact, i thought it was three weeks until I looked at the calendar and counted the days.  I haven’t been blogging since I came back to Manchester… but better late than never, so here I am.

My fifth time flying on Emirates. A little tired of traveling 17 hours including transit times.  CK and I bumped into Yit Lin in the airport, which makes the whole trip more entertaining especially the Rolex joke. HAHAHAHA~

Look ! Sunrise *awwww* .. I love sunrise (:

Our apartment is pretty spruced up now. Picture was taken in the first week, so less decorations. I took the smaller bedroom, but on the bright side I have a wardrobe with mirrored doors 😀 It’s easy to spot which room is who’s. Mine’s purple and Chia Khuan’s pink!

And the more recent picture:

And… Our living room! Cleaning up takes a lot of work. CK’s parents and relatives came a couple of times – thank you auntie for cleaning up the apartment too! The first time they came the apartment was so dark and crowded with boxes, but friends have taken their belongings, making the living room so much cosier.

We’re supposed to have open house, but somehow we manage to be busy until the day school reopens. And from then, tons of workloads – I am confused and feeling idiotic throughout all lectures. Maybe October…

Manchester weather is lovely the past week. Sun, sun, sun. It was so warm one day that we could go out in sleeveless and shorts, and most importantly sunglasses !!

New Chemical Engineering building

The new chemical engineering building, funded by our tuition fees! 😀

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – by attending lectures. (:

Found a funny picture online that reads “if you cheat in engineering classes you will kill people later. for your own sake and everyone else, quit or learn the material.”

Yit Lin has been very hospitable to offer us his place to hang out and use the internet connection. Funny incident: On the first day we went to his place, Suhaib, CK and I were very busy using our laptop – registering for students, sorting out payments and facebooking. And Yit Lin – with a very depressed look – said “I asked you guys to come to socialise, not to look at your laptop” LOL. And he went to his room to watch movie.. Poor YL.

Samsi gathering!

Samsi! Our favourite hang out place. I’ve been there more than four times in the past week. The best part is, Samsi is just opposite our apartment – so when I see Samsi, I know I’m close to home (:


We went to Ikea on a Saturday! Taking a train seems to be the shorter way, but we had to take a tram to Victoria station, then a train to Ashton . ):

Pretending to concentrate while fixing my table 😀

Micke table and Snille swivel chair

*trumpets blow* tadaaa…. The poster above is Sydney harbour. interesting to note that I bought the poster last year and I went to Sydney harbour this summer! (:

Taiwu dishes! Caroline is so eager to kiap the meat 😀

Went to Old Trafford with Jo Zee, Yit Lin, Suhaib and Andrew. We went to T.G.I Friday for dinner. I’ve never seen a TGIF until now.  The dessert is delicious 😀 I have no idea what it is called.


Jo Zee’s mother came to UK and treated us to deserts  – thank you!!! 😀 Patisserie Valerie . Been in Manchester two years, and never step foot into this place. The cakes are delicious and a MUST TRY !!

suhaib loves scones.

Auntie going to liverpool

bye bye auntie! ): we’d miss you!

September ends with Chia Khuan’s birthday celebration. I need to improve on my management skills lol. Everything was a hassle – many apologies for those who came early and having to wait for an hour or more.

Congratulations on turning 21 ~

More pictures on the celebration in a separate post. Good night world !


2 thoughts on “September 2011

  1. Calvin your dear friend ^^ says:

    Just found out ur photography skill improved slot huh? Lol.. Poor little girl need to use hammer to fix thing ur own~ xD

    • Jill says:

      thank you calvin! i took your advice and learnt how to edit the pictures. (:

      hahaha. i was trying so hard not to laugh in that picture. (:

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