October 2011

Procrastination is fascinating. You lie on your bed, browsed through a few websites, check status and updates on Facebook, chat, text, edit a few pictures and without knowingly, a few hours has gone by.Β  And at the corner of your table is a pile of coursework you have yet to touch. Deadlines are edging nearer, and you start to rush on it. But wait, you don’t understand a thing. Opened books and lecture notes filled your table, your Firefox app is full of tabs, but the Microsoft Word is still an empty page. Days passed. And you finally completed one assignment. Oh, there’s another. And another. And another..

That’s basically, how I spent my last two weeks. This week is more enjoyable because reading week starts, and daylight savings begin. Once a year, people in the UK who wished for more than 24 hours a day had their dreams come true. πŸ™‚

Here’s a short update about October:

October started with MSSM Hari Raya event, loosely translated to FREE FOOD. Met up with Careena, who started industrial experience, whom we haven’t seen in a looong time.

111001 Hari Raya event

and played Frisbee that afternoon. The guys refused to take a picture with us πŸ˜› I caught the frisbee once.

111001 Frisbee

joined Robogals and got to play with Robots and Lego πŸ™‚

111005 Robogals!

111027 Robogals Lego

went to Jake’s and Matthew’s place for ‘open house’.

111008 Jake and Matthew's place

celebrated four birthdays:

1. Belated birthday for Parva. Probably the most multinational party i’ve ever been to.

111009 Parva's birthday


2. Bandibul dinner!

111012 Pei Hau's birthday

3. Birthday surprise for Guang Yuan and Yit Lin.

111015 Guang Yuan and Yit Lin's birthdays

4. Matthew’s birthday. Didn’t take any pictures before leaving because he was drunk – thanks to us πŸ˜›

111025 Matthew's Birthday

went to Cheshire Oaks. Got myself a pair of heels, a pair of Adidas sneakers, a Ralph Lauren tee, two nike tees, and loccitane products, all for slightly above Β£100.

111022 Cheshire Oaks

bought a new keyboard.

111020 Yamaha NP11

started Lab : Arvia Water Treatment

111025 Lab session begins!

and design project.

that pretty much sums up my whole October. If the phrase “a picture is worth a million words” is true, I have more than 14 million words here. (:

*psst: yay, daylight saving starts today!


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