The Stream

“Imagine that you are taking a walk in the woods. You are walking along a beautiful path. As you walk, you may experience a number of things. Possibly you are aware of the trees; some large, some small. It is a warm but comfortable summer day. Perhaps you feel a comfortable breeze… Gently cooling your face and arms… Maybe you can hear the crunch of leaves, twigs and grass beneath your feet. As you look up through the leaves of the trees, you see a sparkling of sunlight dancing to the tune of the wind.

You come to an open area with a small pond. At one end of the pond is a beautiful waterfall. At the other end is a stream which runs as far as the eye can see. You set down by the pond and enjoy the sound of the waterfall, birds singing, and frogs croaking… As you sit there, you sense that there is something special about the waterfall. It seems to be inviting you to come over to it and indeed you do… You reach out and touch the water and the temperature is just right so you walk under the falls…

You feel its cleansing flow and you realize that it is not only cleansing your body, but it is also cleansing your mind and soul. You feel that any anger, bitterness, feelings of rejection, grief, guilt, abuse, panic, and all other negative emotions are being cleansed from your system. You look down toward your feet and notice that the water coming from your body is a murky brown and it is flowing across the pond and down the stream at the other end. The more negativity that you release the murkier brown the water appears to be. As you feel these negative emotions being cleansed from your system, the water around your feet begins to clear, and you can see the murky brown water flowing further and further down the stream.

As the murky water flows down the stream, further and further away, you feel more and more comfortable, more at peace with yourself… It gives you a strong feeling of relief… You are feeling yourself being cleansed of all those negative feelings: The anger, bitterness, feelings of rejections, grief, guilt, abuse, panic, and all other negative emotions are being cleansed from your system… Notice the feelings of comfort and peace increase as the murky brown water flows down the stream further and further away, you feel a sense of release and relief… You are getting rid of those problems…

The murky brown water is flowing further and further away. It is now beyond sight and you can breathe deeper and exhale slowly a few times… Now really enjoy the freedom, the relief, the calmness, and peacefulness flowing through you and having replaced the negative feelings. These feelings of comfort, serenity, and well-being remains with you even after you come out of the hypnotic state. Let go of the past, the past is past. Now you can make it past by putting it in the past where it belongs… do it right now…

You are through living in the past… You’re living right now, this very moment… You can handle the situation… You can overcome your problems… Life is worthwhile, life is meaningful, life is good… Love yourself, feel good about yourself, be calm within yourself, be at peace with yourself ” as referenced from: here


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