Bonjour de Paris

Hello from Paris!!

It is my first day in Paris!

My first impression of France was not a very good one. The lady at the information counter was not very friendly, as she shoved the map towards me. But later, while we are looking (very confusedly) at the subway map, a teenage boy walked up to us and asked if we need any help. He then, much to my gratitude, showed us which tube to use. Then the second thing I notice. Transportation in France is more expensive than London. No matter how short the distance between the station is, each single ticket costs €1.25, even if it is just one stop away!

My brother and I took long enough to find our way to our hotel, which had the loveliest view of Paris. But all the bad impressions of France immediately subsided with the breathtaking view of Eiffel Tower from our hotel room.

Paris, the city of love

^ taken using iPhone πŸ˜›

The guy at the reception gave me a rose. (:

And while typing this i just realised that the tower glitters for five minutes at every hour. How cool is that! I actually waited another hour to take the picture below, which is not as pretty, but i swear, when you see it you’d be amazed by the beauty.

Arc de Triomphe

One of our stops before arriving at the hotel. The first French word i learnt is “Sortie” which means Exit. In germany, the first word I remembered was “Ausfahrt” which means Exit too! (:

Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Brother and I



The street with all the branded goods. There was an entire shop just for LV, maybe as big as Parkson probably! We haven’t had a chance to go in yet, but we’d do, just for the sake of being inside πŸ˜›

Along the streets of Champs-Γ‰lysΓ©es

Funny incidents on the first night:

1. I thought I lost my phone in the subway, but no no, it was my brother who put it in his pocket. I was nearly in tears ):

2. Someone tried to bag-pocket me (I’m aware that that word doesn’t exists, but someone tried to steal from my bag). My bag has this two compartments in front that are closed not zipped, just .. (lost the word to describe) two metal clasps joined together. The subway was packed, and a teenage girl, about 14 i guess, standing next to me tries to reach into my bag. An older women facing us saw what she did and told her off. I was confused because she was speaking French, but her gesture is telling me to watch my bag.Β  The teenage girl got off the next stop.

And my bag is safe! Thank you lady!

It’s past midnight, more updates soon! πŸ™‚

Β Au revoir.

Signing off…

2 thoughts on “Bonjour de Paris

  1. Low Kim Kiat says:

    lucky you, i thought france should be peaceful and there shouldn’t be much crime. Oh well, at least you are in one piece and ya, by looking at the pictures, france should be a really nice place/

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