Bits and Pieces of 2011

Some pictures before 2011 ends! πŸ˜€ In no particular order though.

Most recent, Caroline’s 21st birthday. We celebrated it at Pearl City, Chinatown.

111229 at Pearl City

Group photo take 1

Group photo take 2

21 years old, not 12 πŸ˜›

Caroline and her present

It took me more than six months to korek the actual camera model that she wanted. And thanks to everyone who chipped in to buy this lovely present. Happy 21st Birthday Caroline !! The green card read “Warmest wishes from: …. (everyone who chipped in)” πŸ˜€


Before this dinner, Caroline and I met up with my primary schoolmate (also our secondary schoolmate), Rebecca! It’s also a perfect excuse to distract her while everyone prepared for the dinner that night. Say hello to Rebecca, my friend for more than 13 years!

with my awesome zhi pai skills….

the food!!

The next picture of me is hideous, but I find it hilarious, so here’s for laughing at myself ):

1. Looks like we are quarrelling.

Looks like nobody won the imaginary fight πŸ˜›


Had some photoshoot in Jessop when my brother bought his camera.

There’s still quite a few in my computer but that’s all I’m posting on my blog πŸ˜›

Bro and I went to watch a football match between Chelsea and Fulham on boxing day in London

111226 Chelsea Game


University life, and probably the three group pictures in my entire with more than malaysians.Just saying.

111213 Design Project Groupmates

111103 Lab group B8

111009 Parva’s belated 21st


Nottingham Games

Suhaib’s prebirthday party.

111210 Christmas Market

The End. Yes, it’s an abrupt ending, LOL. It’s too troublesome to post all the pictures up, so hope you enjoyed the few that you have just seen (:


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