2011 in Review

As the year approaches to an end, it is the time of the year where once again, we are inevitably drawn to reflect on the events of previous year and make a mental list of the resolutions for the upcoming year.

However, have we ever taken the time to remember if we achieved our previous goals? Do we remember, exactly a year ago, we were busy drafting up new resolutions: things we would want to change about ourselves and habits we would want to grow out of? If you do, and successfully achieve them, congratulate yourself. Treat yourself to something nice before the year ends. If you have yet to realise those dreams, don’t fret, as there is always a few items on that list that somehow make its way to the new list.

I do not particularly believe in New Year resolutions, although I made them religiously. My resolutions are simple and remain almost the same each year. They serve as a gentle reminder of the beliefs I so faithfully hold on to, and changes I made (or have yet to make) to become the person I want to be. My list is rather private, so should yours *winks*; I read about some researches that if one reveals his or her goals to the public, they are less likely to come true.

2011 turned out to be a pretty awesome year to me, and hopefully to you too. This year, I challenged myself to venture into something new as much as I could, excited to see where it takes me. And it had showered me with unforgettable memories, blossoming friendships and new experiences.

I am not particularly religious, but I do pray occasionally. As the third year away from home, I am constantly thankful for my immediate family and relatives for showing me that distance does make the heart fonder. Mum and dad, for being there during my worse times in university when I thought I was going to break apart. Brother, who recently flew to UK on my winter break and for making Paris trip memorable, and for being the person that stays constant while everything feels like it is moving too quickly.

Merciana, for the endless heart to heart talk, the Cotton On cardigan and for reminding me with her bubbly nature that life isn’t that terrible. And every time I think of the pillow/pillow tip incident, I smile. Karen, for her handmade card and the awesome 20th birthday dinner at SIlverspoon and for trading secrets. We should have the long walks in Bulatan Park more often. The list could go on forever, and every year, I would take a moment of silence to remember my dear aunt who left us for two years, the one person who taught me about perseverance and unconditional love.

Like every other year, some unfortunate incidents happened, I made wrong decisions, hurt, cried, lost my temper, quarreled with close friends and did many things I was not proud of, but mistakes made me stronger and wiser. I forgave, and was hopefully forgiven. As quoted from Wiliiam Arthur Ward, “Forgiveness is a funny thing, it warms the heart and cools the sting”. Forgive sincerely, and sometimes you learn to love the people who hurt you in the first place, and wondered what made you hold that grudge for so long in the first place.

Friendship is not a very complicated issue, but is unfortunately a slippery slope. A misunderstanding can make two friends become strangers. The definition of friends is obscure, largely dependent on how you view it. Friends are not the people who don’t speak ill of you entirely, but rather people who see your imperfections and still want to be your friend anyway. It sounds hypocritical, but it’s true, at least what I believe now. Walls have ears and gossips travel like hot cake, and sometimes everyone knows about the skeletons in your closet.

110515 My Pre-20th

This year officially marked the end of my teen years as I braved myself into the big 2. In short, I moved in with Chia Khuan, interned at Coral, went to Sydney, celebrated countless 21st birthdays, went to more places around Manchester especially Desert Room *hi5*, bought a new iPhone 4S, went to Paris and had many more new experiences.

I continued with the MLP program for the first half of 2011 and volunteered more, mainly in the environmental part. Speaking of volunteering, I am accepted to be part of the Olympic Volunteering Team 2012, *yay*. We had to go through first selective screening process and then a face-to-face interview and next February, a training process in the arena. Hope to be as lucky for summer placements and job interviews.

As the summer that has came and gone like the wind, the first semester had ended too. Third year life has been hectic to say the least, with design project, process control simulink coursework and tutorials. I had been sleeping past midnight almost every single night, and on some rare occasions staying up till sunrise to meet deadlines. Although it had been hectic, university life is most enjoyable, and I’m making the most of it until it ends. (:

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2011 isn’t prefect, but for the friends who made my life more meaningful, thank you. To CK for being the best flatmate ever. To Caroline for making Manchester feels a lot like home. For Ying, LZ, and the rest of our coursemates for making university life much more jolly. To Lilian, who made me smile whenever I remember our nerdy secrets in high school. To Siaw Tien, for words left unspoken. To ezra, who showered me with plentiful epic stories to show that my worst fiasco isn’t half as bad as his. loool. To sze yee, lokek, siew hui, samuel, shanton, voon fung… and the rest of the 38 group, for making me feel like I’ve never left Miri. And a shout out to all my friends for all the little things we said, laughed and did together…

For everyone who had it rough in 2011, leave the bad memories behind, and let’s move on.

2012, a new chapter awaits.

4 thoughts on “2011 in Review

  1. Mr Awesome December 31, 2011 / 5:05 PM


    • Jill January 1, 2012 / 3:25 PM

      yes you are awesome (:

  2. Lilian December 31, 2011 / 7:33 PM

    Yay Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jill January 1, 2012 / 3:25 PM

      YAY YAY! Happy New Year! *hugsies* miss you

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