February 2012

It’s irony how simple it seems to say that you’d be there for someone or that you believe in someone… but when you’re stressed out, it’s hard to do the same to yourself. My cousin should be feeling a lot better this week, and I’m really happy for her. It’s not easy to ask for help, or to admit you needed solace. yay! This year, design project has been really stressful on all of us, especially me. Among all the crazy stressed out days we had, we managed to squeeze in some joy in between.

Just today, we went to Arndale! It’s been three weeks since we last went. I bought some flowers/butterflies decorations and finally decorated my wall, while Caroline and CK were browsing taiwanese+korean+chinese artists on my laptop. I don’t really have a clue what they were talking about, but with the occasional “who?” question. Anywaaaaay… here’s my wall with the decorations! Look how pretty the butterflies are (:

Yesterday we went to East2East to eat. Finally – after almost three or four times rescheduling and change of locations. The service was exceptionally great. We got free papadum just because we had to leave early before a party at 8pm. The spices were … strange, and i like the sweet chilli sauce (:

I ordered lamb mix grill. Oh, the calories….

14 February

We went to Revolution on Valentine’s Day. or, the day after. Maaaaan I have to complain again: the music was terrible. I spent almost the whole night sitting and talking to friends. Oh, oh oh .. and I drank shot for the first time. How bitter.

Shiang Lynn and I

I was going to delete the next picture, but I find it artistic.

it was taken by sherene’s brother. funny .we didn’t know who he was when he take the picture. how small the world is.

4th February,

Olympic-related stuff.Amazing how many volunteers turned out for the orientation training event. It’s basically sitting there for two hours listening about olympics. Made my psyched a little, but .. anyway. moving on .

Wembley Arena

3rd February

Kina grannis concert! With justyn, ee jane, dan, and ck.

February updates! (:

Toodles. back to design and nightmares.


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