Lost Souls

I never wrote about this. There are never quite the right words or the time to write about something so personal yet peculiar. Heads up, if you’re afraid of ghosts and supernatural effects, please skip this post. Otherwise, read on.

It has been a week since my nightmare. For the first time after five years, I woke up in cold sweat, so shaken up that I was afraid to fall back to sleep. After all, it is not everyday that you get to say that you feel the force of supernatural effects. And on top of that, to be unsure of what really happened has to be freakiest of all.

There were two fragments of this nightmare. This make me a worse storyteller than I already am. Until today, I can’t be sure of what happened prior to the first fragment, but I vaguely remembered myself breaking free from some unknown force. I got up of bed groggily, my head hammering and each steps weighing as heavy as the next. I forced myself to switch the room light on, followed by the table lamp and the side lamp. My table was full of bits and pieces such as books, stationaries and lotion.

Then I blacked out – I must have fallen asleep.

The second fragment: I was suddenly aware of the sensation as though a force is pressing on my back. The more I struggle, the harder the force. It felt as though constricted by an anaconda; each breathe became shorter until I could hardly breathe. I don’t know what got to me, but I mumbled a ‘hello’ to the unknown ‘force’, half expecting it would not reply.
But ‘it’ did. In a haunted voice.

It took every ounce of energy I have to open my eyes and be zapped back to reality. It talked to me. That is the freakiest part of all my supernatural ‘encounters’. The odd part was, I was sleeping on my back instead of my tummy. And when I looked at my table, it was tidy.

Was it a dream? Did I sleep walk? Am I hallucinating? I don’t know.

This would be my fourth supernatural encounter, as I like to called it. But it is the first time I was unaware of it.

The first experience was in 2007. I was in my own room back in my hometown. My hands on top of the blanket, palm facing up. I closed my grip a little, the way you would when you shake someone hand. And… I felt a hand gripping my left hand. I gripped it slightly tighter. And, ‘it’ gripped back. I was unsure what to do next, and my mother called me from outside my room. I loosen the grip and waited for ‘it’ to leave before I opened my eyes and walked out of the room. A normal person would feel freaked out by this first encounter, instead I feel safe; like an angel is watching over me. 🙂

The second time was in Hilton Hotel near KL Central in 2008. When I woke up, I felt like a body was cuddling me, as though someone had conveniently sleep next to me during the night. Not wanting to scare myself, I deduced that the sensation was caused by the way the duvet hugged my body.

The next experience is in Weston Hall, Manchester. I lived in the same room for two years in a row, so I can’t be sure if this happens in 2009 or 2010. I was about to fall asleep when I felt something step over my feet. OMG. Almost immediately, I jerked away. And I never opened my eyes, for fear of seeing something I am not supposed to.

To be honest, it is not as freaky as it sounds.. Until the forth and hopefully the last encounter. I was awake in the first three times, but the (hopefully) last encounter was in the midst of a dream. The reason I write about this is because I’ve learn that if you talk about what scares you, you’d be less afraid. But, I now sleep with the side lamp on.

I believe in lost souls that wandered around in our world. I am not surprised if once in a while, we feel these unexplained phenomenon. I am an engineer-to-be, but sometimes it is better to leave these things unexplained rather than spoiling it with scientific explanations.

What is your supernatural encounter?


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