London 2012: A Games Maker Journey Pt 2 of 4

Day 4 to Day 6

Day 4: 31 July 2012

My day off  once again.

That morning, I accompanied YY to Heathrow airport to send YM off. When I was leaving, I was genuinely surprised to see Games Maker volunteers stationed at the airport. Wouldn’t it be a monotonous job? And it was located so far away from the other arenas.

On the tube ride back, we met a fellow Malaysian. He was a middle-aged man, of some status according to YY. As he was the Chairman of the Famemas Malaysian Supporter, he had a list of all Malaysians participating in the Olympic, including the schedule. Then, he pointed out a couple of names and potential Olympic medalists – and he was right! Malaysia gained medals in both badminton and diving!

After lunch, YY and I went to Hyde Park to enjoy the live screen. Artistic gymnastic for female team was on that day, and I wished I could see it live.

We then tried our luck at the Wembley Arena to see if we could get tickets for the gold medal match in badminton. The tickets were sold out. Later, I learnt from TJ that we could get tickets on the spot at the venue. If only I knew…

Day 5: 01 August 2012

My third consecutive day off.

The wonderful thing about free transportation is that I am able to tour around London without worrying about the cost. It was the perfect opportunity to take all the Olympic air. I wanted to visit all the different venues for Olympic but it was impossible to fit anything in only a few day offs – and I would prefer staying in bed.

Here are some pictures of Tower Bridge.

At night:

Day 6: 02 August 2012

Back to work.

Highlights of the day:

  1. 1.     Travelled the Emirates Air Line
  2. 2.    Took picture with the awesome foam fingers
  3. 3.    Received a Japan Olympic badge
  4. 4.    Took picture with the Olympic Torch

The Emirates Air Line is a cable car-ride that runs between North Greenwich and the Royal Docks, across the Thames River. As it was a tourist attraction, I had to fork out an extra £3.20 for the three minutes ride. The view was beautiful, as I tried to spot all the different Olympic venues throughout the ride.

I had to use a different entrance from my usual. I managed to take picture with a foam finger en route to ExCeL. These pink foam fingers were almost as popular as the Olympic torch.

In the workforce check in area, I managed to convince the person-in-charge to give me an extra meal voucher. Woohoo!

Today I checked accreditation in SA1 (Fencing). We didn’t know it that army were not required to show any accreditation, but they still pulled it out regardless. It was quite entertaining because everyone, no matter how important they are, had to stop and show us their accreditation before entering the arena.

As the pace was slow today, we snapped a couple of pictures with each other. Meet Gabriella from Italy (pic:left), Marie from Mexico (pic:middle, bottom), Susie from UK (pic: top, middle, on my right) and Melanie (pic:right).

During our briefing, we were told that there was a special booth for Games Makers on break to watch the show. It was near the Olympic Family seating, so we had a really good view of the event. My group leader Melanie was really nice. She understood that this was a slow paced job, and we were occasionally given fifteen minutes break to watch a bit of the event. As this was one of the medal matches, the leniency we received was very much appreciated.

An unexpected thing happened:

I received a Japan Olympic badge.

A Japanese couple hovered near the accreditation checkpoint area, where I stood. When asked if they needed any helped, they said that they were waiting for the coach. They could not enter the warm-up area as they did not have the proper accreditation. As the coach came out and tried to convince us to let the couple in, my compassion must have kicked in. I was the one who convinced the team leader to let them in; after all, they had been waiting for almost an hour. She agreed, so I escorted them in. That was the only time I entered the warm up area. As they were exiting the arena, I was handed the Olympic badge – my pride and joy.

Another unexpected thing happened.

The Olympic torch made an appearance in the workforce canteen. All the excited Games Makers queued up for a quick picture with the torch. Some questioned if the torch is real or not. I believe it is real, because they protected it so well. And because it felt heavy.

The torch is magical.

So, this is now my profile picture:

Signing off,

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