London 2012: A Games Maker Journey Pt 4 of 4

Day 12 – Day 16

Day 12: 08 August 2012

My penultimate shift!

Once again, allocated in the seating bowl. This time, in the table tennis arena.

This is another medal match, which marked the seventh live medal match I’ve watched throughout the Olympic. I love being in the arena before the event started, especially to see the preparation first-hand so that everything was perfect when spectators crept in.

I always love the part where the medalists shared the gold medal platform. My favourite part of every medal match.

As this is the last day with friends from Day 1 *sobs * we took a couple of group photos.


Day 13: 09 August 2012

My last shift!

For the last time, I volunteered in the seating bowl. Taekwondo area.

During the briefing, we were asked to keep an eye out for large Taiwan flags. Due to its public conflict with China, the flag was banned by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and replaced with the Chinese Taipei flag.

I was glad that I didn’t encounter any significant problem on my section, but there was a scene at the accredited seatings, where Olympic Family members (link: Apparently, from the first hand news from colleague, the news intentionally left out how many times the Games Makers on duty politely asked to remove the large national flag. The security was the last resort, and hence the seizure.

The only time I had to call the K&S security for aid was when the crowd crammed to the front, trying to get a picture of one of the taekwondo athlete (I can’t remember who he/she was). I tried to ask the spectators to sit down, but they said “I’ll sit down when the people on the front row sit down.” There were four rows of people standing, a lot crammed on the first row.

And the K&S security, with his loud and booming voice, settled the havoc in less than a minute. See. I said that the K&S isn’t thaaaaat bad.

On a brighter note, I talked to a taekwondo athlete on this day. She was looking for her way back to the taekwondo arena. It was surprising for me, to know that an athlete life is not that much different from ours, if you take out the practicing part.

Our last day, so we got some souvenirs!


That night, I ate with the family I’ve been staying with for the past couple of weeks. Lovely company. 🙂

Day 14: 10 August 2012

After a whole day of shopping, I got bored (when all the shops closed) so I went to meet a friend back at the venue, and watched the final of taekwondo. We were inches away from the Queen of Spain! 😀

Day 15: 11 August 2012

Back to Manchester.  No pictures, but I met up with YY!

Day 16: 12 August 2012

Closing ceremony!

I reached London from Manchester about 6ish. After putting my things at YC’s place, I head off to Blackheath Park with some friends. There was a big screen to watch the ceremony live, and a really large crowd. It was a lovely sight, when the crowds started singing along to the ceremony to see the crowds singing along. However, I went home early, because I could not really stand the stench of beer and smoke…


 London 2012. I was there.

And I loved every second of it.

Signing off,


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