Summer 2012

Summer is over.

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The season finally changes as I bid my goodbye to the familiarity and comfort of home and head out to continue the quest for knowledge and adventure. I was more reluctant to leave each year; there were simply so many memories that made this summer as just as special as the last.

Many things happened this summer.

A week before returning to Miri, I stayed with baby cousin M in KL for a while. M and I have always been very close, although we were hardly ever in the same zip code. We treat each other like the sisters we never had. Sure we have our differences, but sometimes when you really care about someone, you tend to let them have their way. We hung out with each other’s friends and were finally able to match the faces with the names. During that period we managed to squeeze in a shopping trip to Singapore and a couple of house visits.

Back home, I spent more time with family and friends. I rekindled old friendship. Sometimes we get so caught up with assignments and hectic lifestyle that we forget the people who used to be a great part of our lives. If you ever wonder, just like I do, if one life can make an impact on the world, let me tell you that it can. Some of the friends I’ve made influenced my life more than anyone would imagine. Perhaps the beauty of friendship is doing something completely mundane and finding it profoundly meaningful.

In July, some university friends had made their first trip to Miri (except TJ who came once when he was 2 LOL). Together, we embarked on a nature trip to Mulu, the world heritage site. We visited to four caves, the Penan village, went to the Tree Top Tower and walked along the botanical garden trail. There was a lot of rain – it was a rainforest after all – we didn’t catch sight of any bat exodus and missed the night trail. Despite that, I enjoyed the view, the company and especially the break from the city smog.

This year marks our fifth year away from high school. I didn’t think any of us realize how time flies (at least I didn’t) until the night we had our small gathering in August and several times throughout the summer. Our conversations hovered around current lives although we never fail to bring out the memories that we once shared. It didn’t matter if we are future engineers, doctors, lawyers, businessmen or accountants. We were once the little kids who tried to figure out the future in high school, a bit lost, a bit unsure, yet happy all the same.

Sometimes when I look back at this summer, and my life, certain moments stands out, but then these moments fade away. And we keep on making new memories. Perhaps, in our different ways, we are all trying to make our mark in the world so that we matter to people who matter to us. Just afraid that one day, we’ll be gone and nobody noticed.


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