October Birthdays

Entering my forth year in university,  I am excited to be back in Manchester. Manchester no longer feels like a foreign place I need to explore, but rather a second home that I can fall back into a routine so easily.

September and October are the two most happening months in the term year. I am particularly excited to see the others whom I haven’t seen since the start of summer. After Poland trip, we fill our remaining ten days in September with eating outs and potlucks/chilling at friend’s places. In two short months, we celebrated six birthdays; CK, PH, HQ, YL, GY, ML. It started with CK’s birthday in Pearl City, then PH’s in Felicini, HQ in Café Rouge, YL&GY in Sapporo Tepanyaki and finally, ML’s at San Rocco.

CK’s birthday SEPT30

 The term kicked start with the first birthday celebration at Pearl City. I made a card inspired by dawn5377, and we chose a Swarovski bracelet. The cake White Chocolate Dream Gateau from Patisserie Valerie was ah-ma-zing.

PH’s birthday OCT13

We went to an Italian restaurant called Felicini. I had the Crab and Coriander Linguini (flaked white crab meat, coriander & ginger pesto & chilli jam) It was really delicious. We headed up to WL’s place later.

HQ’s birthday OCT17

 This time, we went to a French restaurant Cafe Rouge. The dishes wasn’t that good, but the duck confit I had was quite yummy. We gave HQ a gift card 😀

YL&GY’s birthday OCT19-20

The Sapporo Teppanyaki is a Japanese Sushi and Noodle bar. Located in Castlefield, it was a good twenty minutes walk. It is probably the most expensive place I’ve been to; in my opinion, the food didn’t quite match up to the price, but the little show they put on kept us entertained throughout.

After that, we had the birthday cake at YL&ML’s place. I kind of blurred out the rest of the night because I was sleeping at a corner. TEEHEE.

ML’s birthday OCT26

It was surprise… failure! We were at his place when we were notified that he would enter the apartment too.  All of us who were already there rushed to YL’s room for a hideout and surprise him in the middle of his game.

On top of all the birthday cakes we’ve eaten, I had my try in baking. I tried baking New York Cheese Cake twice, but they haven’t come to my satisfaction yet. For the extra ingredients on my first try, I made a lemon sour cream cake (matt’s cake). Baking & eating cakes are guilty pleasure, considering how many sugars and butters and cheese that were used.

When we’re not having potlucks or birthday parties, we had a couple of badminton and squash sessions. I also participated for the Manchester Science Festival as part of Robogals. There were cool robots to amuse little kids. Most of them were more interested in building the robot rather than programming the robots. It was a nice sight to see the kids light up when they see the robot move, talk or display a smiley face.

November’s getting a little chilly, we can all expect a little snow this winter. 😀


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