The Princess and the Duck

The girl stood at the edge of the lake and stared over the vast expanse of water before her. Her waist-length black hair with several browns streaks was neatly worn with a waterfall braid and glimmered in the afternoon sun. The water revealed the dark silhouette of the reflection of tall pine trees at the side of the lake. A light breeze caressed her bare arms and stirred the end of her silk bashful pink maxi dress, occasionally revealing her bony ankles and brown gladiator sandals.

Suddenly, a fish broke the surface of the water, interrupting her daydream. Sighing slowly, she tore her eyes away from the simmering water and looked up. It was a beautiful day as the streaks of sun rays burst through a bundle of thick clouds. In the distance, she could hear the relaxing sound of birds chirping in the tree limbs. The reason why she loved this place so much is that she could hear herself think, without the acoustic noise from the laptop, the shouting of street vendors, honking of the cars and the blaring of the police siren.

She averted her gaze to her surrounding and spotted a long stick a few feet from her. She walked over, bent to pick it up on one end. Crouching, she placed the open end of the stick close to the surface of the still lake water. She focused her attention as the water began to ripple and resonate outwards until hardly visible.

In the middle of the lake, there was a flock of ducks and a single duck that is seemingly detached from the group. Seemingly aware and unalarmed of the girl’s presence, the duck waddled closer where the girl was crouching.  Her spirits were low; she closed her eyes as she could feel tears filling her eyes. As her eyelid fluttered open, her eyes glistened and a tear slipped out at the corner of her left eye.

The duck quacked softly. “Hello there. How are you?” she whispered, and then blushed a little, feeling silly for talking to a duck. Then, it did not feel so silly anymore. The conversation was evidently one-sided, but she wished that the duck could talk back.

Time ticked by and the night was rolling in fast as the sun slowly disappeared behind the horizon. She was afraid of the dark but she was too comfortable to leave. All of a sudden, her heart skipped a beat as she heard the sound of rustling leaves and cracked twigs at the nearby woods. Shiver shot up her spine and fear flooded her mind. Someone was watching her; she could feel it in her gut. Her eyes shot around in the dark, and she thought she saw the silhouette a hooded person by the woods. She had to go.

“Goodbye” She whispered to the duck she had grown so fond of, stood up and started running, one foot in front of the other. She did not know if what she was running away from, but all she wanted to do was to feel safe again.

This is a post in response to the writing challenge: the devil in details

4 thoughts on “The Princess and the Duck

  1. :D January 30, 2013 / 10:20 AM

    Are ducks vegetarian or do they eat meat? I can’t remember

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