Chinese New Year 2013

Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers! May this year be a happy and prosperous year to all 🙂 This is the year of the snake, so hiss-hiss!


吉祥话 – auspicious wishes

The picture (below) signifies home. I took this picture last summer; the foreground – part of a new year decoration that we didn’t take off for many years now, and the background – part of living room back home. *smile*

Town Hall

Town Hall with New Year decorations

Celebrating the lunar new year is very important Chinese tradition.Being in my forth year abroad, I am fortunate to be able to keep this tradition alive, although me and my friends have to improvise a little. We make our own cookies, fry our own keropok and cook our own dishes. The most important part: spending time with the people we care about. We had steamboat on Thursday, potluck at my place on Friday, a CNY reunion at Kwok Man restaurant, and CNY dinner at HQ place 🙂

The making of momos

The making of kuih momo



Friday 8 February 2013

We had our CNY reunion a day early because Ying was going to London the next day for CNY eve TT. And no celebration will be complete without the four of us! There were a lot of homemade food; cooked many different dishes, including my first steamed fish. In fact, we had so many dishes until we could not fit all onto the dining table and have to move to a bigger coffee table. 😀

08_Chinese New Year_04

10_Chinese New Year_03

Many thanks to Ee Lin for walking all the way back to W3 and sharing the Yee Shang. This dish was usually served as appetizer (although we had it as dessert) and used as a symbolism of “good luck” for the new year. THANK YOU!

Yee Sang 鱼生

Yee Sang 鱼生

Mixing of Yee Sang 鱼生

Mixing of Yee Sang 鱼生

I particularly like the picture below, although we are missing  a few people in the picture – WL, EL and SL! And look at Ying’s reindeer ears. 🙂

08_Chinese New Year_11

That night, we made some tang yuan, because we didn’t have it during theWinter Solstice in December 2012. It was a different way of making tang yuan, but delicious nevertheless! It would be more awesome if we have pink colourings 🙂 Look at the turtle that Ying made!

10_Chinese New Year_02

Saturday 9 February 2013

The actual Chinese New Year eve date. We had a reservation at Kwok Man restaurant.

Kwok man dishes

Kwok man dishes

09_Chinese New Year_06

09_Chinese New Year_08

We were all flushed from laughing throughout the night. There was a cute waiter that could surprisingly match our hair-wired frequency. Started of with asking Matthew if he wanted to eat from the large rice bowl because he was holding the bowl while talking to the rest of us. Then when he was taking a picture for us, the ones standing seemed to be deciding something, so he jokingly asked us the reason that we are so busy. The next part is the funniest – LZ misplaced one of her earring, and we went back into the restaurant and searched underneath our table. The waiter was still there and asked us the very same question he asked few minutes earlier. I figured tt would be a while before we went back to the restaurant! 

Sunday 10 February 2012

The actual Chinese New Year date. Shortly after the clock ticked 12, we finished a few games of Bridge and then I skyped with my family at home until 5 in the morning. 😀  it was wonderful to catch up and the little things made me smile – especially the part about the internet not responding when the cordless phone is used. HEHE!


My 1111th picture  of the year (in my camera) – mandarin oranges!

09_Chinese New Year_07

Once again, a Happy Chinese New Year to all!:)


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