Personality Tests: Forest

Forest: Your view on life

1) Imagine a forest… Do you feel pleasant in the forest?
a) Yes
b) No, not quite

2) Is the forest light, dark or misty?
a) Light
b) Dark
c) Misty

3) Imagine you are moving through the forest… Is there some clear path that you are walking on?
a) Yes there is
b) There is a path but I’m not walking on one (Skip question 4 and 5)
c) No, I don’t see any path (Skip question 4, 5 and 6)

4) Which statement best describes the path in the forest?
a) Wide and clearly defined
b) Small one, fits only one person

5) Can you see some other paths around?
a) Yes there are, and I’m choosing my path as I go
b) Yes there are, but I’m on the right one
c) No, I don’t see any other paths around

6) Which way are you going?
a) Uphill
b) Downhill
c) The road is more or less flat

7) Are there animals in the forest?
a) Yes there are
b) No
c) There are, but I don’t see them anywhere

8) When walking, you discover a cabin. Are you disturbed?
a) Yes, I do not know who might be inside
b) No I’m pleasantly surprised
c) I ignore it I’m not interested

9) Are you feeling uncomfortable to leave the forest?
a) Yes, I like staying in the forest
b) No, not really

10) Can you see the edge of the forest?
a) Yes, I can see it.
b) No I don’t.
c) No, but I’m aware that it is out there

11) You go to the edge of the forest… What do you see beyond the forest?
a) Something pleasant, peaceful and beautiful
b) Disturbing, not a nice sight

Answer for Personality Test-Forest


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