Personality Test: Know Yourself

Know yourself – Your views on life

1) Imagine that you are walking along a path. What do you see around you?
a) Forest, so much that you can hardly see the sky
b) A yellow corn field against a brilliant blue sky
c) Softly sloping green hills with a view of mountains in the distance.

2) What do you see near your feet?
a) A mirror
b) A ring
c) A bottle

3) Will you pick it up?
a) Yes
b) No

4) You walk along and find water. In what form is the water?
a) A lake
b) A waterfall
c) A river

5) You see a key in the water and you pick it up. What does it look like?
a) An ordinary house key
b) A beautiful antique key
c) A small silver locker key

6) Next, you stumble across a house. What type of house is it?
a) A spacious Hollywood mansion
b) A hut with a garden full of flowers
c) A beautiful old stone castle

7) What do you do next?
a) Look into the window
b) Walk right on inside and explore
c) Walk away. You’re not that interested.

8) Suddenly, something jumps out at you. What is it?
a) A bear
b) A wizard
c) A spider

9) Because you are so scared, you run until you see a wall blocking the path in front of you. There is a door, but it’s locked so you peek through the key hold. What do you see?
a) A beautiful house with a vast garden.
b) A pond in the middle of a desert.
c) A beach with waves crashing onto the sand.

Answer for Personality Test-Know Yourself

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