London: Stonehenge & Greenwich

This was probably the first time I bought a single outgoing train ticket to London, not knowing when I will be back. All of us travel down to London to surprise Jake for his 23rd birthday. I reached London on April 2nd and stayed at SF place (again)

April 3 –  After staying in for the whole day, I went out for dinner at Gordon Ramsay restaurant.


April 4 – This is probably the most eventful day; Stonehenge trip, tea at Mad Hatter and dinner at Pak Awie!


In the morning, I went for the long overdue Stonehenge trip. The great and ancient stone circle of Stonehenge is unique; an exceptional survival from a prehistoric culture now lost to us. The monument is aligned with the rising and setting of thesun at the solstices, but its exact purpose remains a mystery. It was so windy that it was hard to take a decent picture – the one that your hair wasn’t all over your face!

Stonehenge (1) Stonehenge (2)

Stonehenge (3)

Stonehenge (4)

Stonehenge (5)

Stonehenge (6)

Stonehenge (7)

Here’s the interesting part of the trip. After getting souvenirs from the shop, I held the paper bag of postcard and keychain on my hand, when a bird flew past and pooped right inside the bag, on the receipt! I heard a loud thud, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I realized it. It was really luck that the bird poop missed my hair and coat!

Mad Hatter Tea

I was late for Jake’s surprise tea party at Mad Hatter because I took a longer route on the tube! Note to self, double-check the tube maps! The tea is delicious!

Flavoured Teas

Flavoured Teas

Tea for two.

Tea for two.

Guess who’s in the background?

MadHatter (4)

MadHatter (5)

MadHatter (6)

MadHatter (7)

MadHatter (8)

The waitress was really spotty. She stood on the pillar base and snapped the following two pictures!

The group photo!

The group photo!

The group photo take 2!

The group photo take 2!

MadHatter (11)

As in London, who could have missed a day shopping at Oxford Circus, so I went! I only went into my two favourite shops that are not present Manchester Arndale; ESpirit and UNIQLO!  After that, we went for an official birthday celebration at Pak Awie. Although we could finally satisfy our Malaysian food craving, much to our disappointment, the food portion was a little smaller than expected.

Pak Awie

Pak Awie (3)

Pak Awie (1)

Pak Awie (2)

Pak Awie (4)

That night, we stopped by King Cross St Pancras to take picture of the 9 3/4 platform. I don’t think we ever stopped to admire the architecture of the station.

King Cross Station

King Cross Station

King Cross

April 5 – Early in the morning, I travelled all the way to Greenwich to stand between the Prime Meridian line. We walked around the Greenwich market and went by the riverbank to enjoy the view. The day passed quickly as I went for networking sessions and shop at Oxford Circus (again!).

Greenwich market

Greenwich market

Greenwich (1)

Greenwich (4)

Greenwich (5)

we had to walk along a long stretch of road before climbing a steep inclination to reach the Royal Observatory! It cost 5 pounds to enter, just to take picture of the line, but it was worth it :))

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Greenwich (6)

Yes there are pimples and eyebags *tears* but I like my hair in this picture haha!

Greenwich (9)

Greenwich (11)

Greenwich (8) Greenwich (12)

Greenwich (7)

Greenwich (13)

Greenwich (14)

This little girl was playing catch with her brother, so adorable!

Greenwich (15)


April 6 –  At noon, I missed my tube stop by four stations because I was too engrossed in playing Candy Crush. I was supposed to stop at Bank station, but I only heard the station “Mile End”, a station I have never heard of, and by the time I checked the map, the next stop was at Stratford! That afternoon, I became CL’s personal shopper (haha!) as she hunt for her formal wear around Oxford Circus! We had dinner at a Thai restaurant. I had the pad kuehtio which taste very similar to normal kuey teow! 😀


We then walked around to enjoy the night view of London

 London (1)

London (2)

April 7 –  We spend our whole day in UKEC Graduate fair, and finally had tea at Mandarin Kitchen.

London (3)

I ended my shopping spree after getting the final item on my list; hair conditioner. After that, we went to get the most moist pandan cake in Chinatown. The trip ended in a pretty unfortunate manner, where one of my friend’s phone was stolen in Chinatown. Before I could get into the mindset of how mean and unpredictable people can be, a kind Samaritan helped me carry my (very heavy) luggage up the (very long) staircase in Oxford Circus. Then when I was in the train, a man offered his table seat so that a couple could sit together.

So maybe, instead of focusing on the bad things in life, we should always remember that there are still kind people around, and that there is a silver lining in a midst of grey clouds.


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