Wang Lee Hom, Il Divo and Yundi Li

Concert week!

This week, I’ve been to three live concerts/performances, in three different cities.

  1. Wang Lee Hom  王力宏 at O2 Arena, London
  2. Il Divo at Manchester Arena, Manchester
  3. Yundi Li at St George Hall Liverpool

  These artists/bands need no introduction, so here are some of the best pictures I’ve taken during the show!

Wang Lee Hom

15 April 2013

The arena wasn’t completely full although the most expensive tickets, i.e. the floor seating and the seats closest to the stage has been sold out. The crowd was full of Chinese people; it’s rare to see any other races there, but we did! Lee Hom concert was very lively with all the stage performances, dances and featured short clips. Photography was allowed, and I had to juggle between taking videos and pictures. #firstworldproblems. HAHA!

MusicMan II Open Fire stage

I had to feature this picture below. Simply beautiful!

LeeHom (3)

LeeHom (7)

LeeHom (8)

LeeHom (9)

LeeHom (16)

LeeHom (17)

LeeHom (18)

LeeHom (20)

LeeHom (25)

LeeHom (26)

He ended the concert with the song: Kiss Goodbye.

Il Divo & Katherine Jenkins

16 April 2013

The following day, I came back to Manchester from London and head to the second concert! I didn’t know until almost the end that photography wasn’t allowed, when a security guard came up and signaled me to take my camera down *tears* But on the bright side I managed to record the song “Mama”. When they sung “mama”, my heart melted inside. So. freaking. GOOD!

The lighting in this concert was brilliant – I bet the Live Concert CD (if there is) is going to be amazing.

Il Divo (8)

Quite the entrance, eh?

Il Divo (4)

Il Divo (7)

Il Divo (6)

Il Divo (5)

Il Divo (3)

Three extremely crazy fans!

Il Divo (2)

Il Divo

They ended their performance with “Time to say Goodbye” 😀

Yundi Li

19 April 2013

I went down to Liverpool for less than 6 hours just to walk around and listen to him play. This made me miss my (out-of-tune) piano just a little bit.  Loving the architecture of the building – I should have been a civil engineer instead.

Il Divo (9)

As it was clear that photography wasn’t allowed, so I only took a picture of him after his final song.


And this marks the end of my concert week.. 🙂

Someone asked me, which of these are the best? There are all different.

And perhaps that is what makes them special.

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