It’s you again.

The sun is shining directly on my face. My skin, it burns a little. I squint and look at the clock. 9 am is too early to get up, even more so when I sleep way past midnight the previous night. Just another couple of hours of sleep, I promise myself. I turn sideway with my back to the door, and  drift off to blissful sleep.

Suddenly, I feel a sensation of someone have their hand across my waist, above the duvet, and a head leaning towards on my shoulders. It is almost comfortable, and somehow feels completely normal. I hear a whisper of my name and smiled a little. For that instant, I am propelled 10 years ahead where I am happily married to a guy I am madly in love with (a girl can dream, right? *wink*).

Until it hits me.

It isn’t 2023.

This is 2013.

I am still single and there shouldn’t be anyone in my bed. In horror, I consider that I have done something absolutely stupid and horrendously wrong; a worse case scenario  becoming drunk and cheated into bed. Subconsciously, I know it is impossible as I value my principles and upbringing too much… Then again, people make stupid mistakes.

But still, the bottom line is: there is nobody else in bed.

*dramatic music*

I can still feel the hug. And as I try to edge away, the hug becomes tighter, and tighter, and tighter.. until I know something is definitely not right.

This isn’t anything new. It isn’t the first I’ve felt something that isn’t physically there or hear something that I am not supposed to. The last encounter is in Poland back in October 2012. Confusing one, I might add. I remember that odd feeling I have when I walk into the apartment. And that incident proves my instinct right. As quoted from the end of Poland post:

That night, I experienced another dream/supernatural encounter. As I was about to drift into a deep sleep, I felt a force pressing down on me, harder and harder until I could hardly breathe. I reached out to LZ who was sleeping next to me and nudged her until she sat up and mumbled “what”. Almost immediately, the ‘force’ disappeared. I sat up immediately to see a confused YY who was enjoying her movie at the edge of my bed. From YY account the following morning, all she saw was a quiet me sleeping, and suddenly jerking up in bed. I woke up with a pounding headache and terribly confused brain throughout the whole day. It was comforting to know that it was the last night I would be spending in the apartment.

Now, that is eerie. until today, I can’t be sure what really happened.

In all fairness, this encounter isn’t as scary in comparison to all other encounters.  Yes, there are more than one. Exactly a year and a week ago, in this very same bed, I hear a  ‘hello’,  freak out and move out for a week. And that night, I pray that the 4th encounter would be my very last.

But it isn’t.

This is my 6th, and counting. I’m sure this wouldn’t be my last.

As usual, with eyes closed, I use my strongest will to pry myself away from the hug. I wait for a minute before opening my eyes – not sure how I would react if I see the translucent figure next to me.  Everything looks the same, and the clock ticks away.  12.37 pm.  Time to wake up.

I’m not really afraid anymore. Maybe I never really am.  I still believe in lost souls that wandered around in our world. I believe they have every right to be wherever they want to be. Now, I like to think that the unseen force is somewhat my guardian angel. Someone who is constantly watching me and once in a while, make his presence in the physical world.

Till we meet again.

Update 17/05: After another encounter twice in a row…. Screw it.  I may not be as brave as I thought. 

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