Personality Test: Room

Room – Your view on your childhood

1) One morning you found yourself in an odd but familiar, what are your general feelings about the room?
a) I like the room, I feel comfortable in it.
b) Normal, no special feelings.
c) I feel some kind of sadness and loneliness
d) I feel anxious

2) Is the room filled with light?
a) Yes, it is filled with light
b) Not much, it can use more light
c) It is murky and I like it like that

3) Are there a lot of furnishings?
a) Yes, there are pictures, pillows, lamps, curtains, etc.
b) Normal, only the things I need to function.
c) There is a lack of furnishing.

4) Are the room furnishings modest or expensive?
a) Modest
b) Normal
c) Luxury

5) What type of a room is it?
a) Living room/kitchen
b) Bedroom
c) Bathroom
d) Hotel room

6) Is there a view (a window) to the outside world?
a) Yes, a beautiful one
b) No I cannot see something outside
c) Yes, something not desirable.

7) Are you inside or outside the room?
a) I’m in the room.
b) No, I’m not in the room.

8) Do you plan to leave the room?
a) Yes, I feel the urge to leave the room.
b) No, I’m comfortable in the room. I like to be inside
c) Yes, I will leave the room eventually

Answer for Personality Test-Room


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