Personality Test: Beach

Beach – People relations

1) Imagine you are walking to the beach… how many people are there?
a) Full of people, busy beach
b) Few dozen
c) A couple
d) Deserted beach

2) How far is the beach?
a) Far in the distance, more than a mile
b) I’m almost there

3) How far are the other people?
a) They are close by. I can start chatting with someone if I want to.
b) They are in the distance.
c) They are no people around.

4) Are there familiar faces on the beach?
a) Yes, all of them.
b) Some of them
c) No, I do not recognize and familiar people.

5) Are you walking along or with some company?
a) Alone
b) Partner
c) Friend/Friends

Answer for Personality Test-Beach



2 thoughts on “Personality Test: Beach

  1. Monica Carmichael says:

    I just took the beach test, & it fit my personality so well. You did a great job in analyzing different types of personalities in each question.

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