Personality Test: Water

Water – Your Love Life

1) Imagine water, what do you see?
a) Large body of water (ocean, sea, lake)
b) Water in a glass, pot, bottle or similar type of containers
c) Small or narrow body of water

2) How does the water feel?
a) Warm and pleasant
b) Coldish but pleasant
c) Cold
d) I don’t know. I’m not really sure.

3) Are you inside or outside the water?
a) You do not like to be completely in the water, you just like to touch it with your hand or feet
b) Outside, assessing the situation, with plans to go inside
c) Outside, on a safe side, with no plans to go inside in near future
d) Inside

4) You are in the water for a period of time… What are your thoughts?
a) You do not feel comfortable. You would rather be outside
b) It’s pleasant at the moment. You feel like you will be tired in a while.
c) You feel great. You enjoy being in water.

5) Are there any waves or movement inside?
a) No, the water is perfectly calm
b) There are waves – I do not feel them around me.
c) Yes, and they are making me tired
d) Yes and I love them.

6) Is the water clear?
a) Yes, it’s crystal clear.
b) No it’s dark and hard to see inside
c) Clear at the top, murky downward

7) Do you see any animals in the water?
a) Yes, they are other water animals; beautiful and mostly harmless1
b) Yes, probably jelly fishes inside, sea urchin and some unknown possibly dangerous creatures.
c) No, I don’t see any animals inside.

8) There is something shiny at the bottom… Will you check what it is?
a) Yes
b) No

9) You make a move for the shiny thing, but it seems to be moving. Visibility is not that good at the bottom; will you now check what it is?
a) Yes
b) No

10) You are trying to cross the water, how far will you go?
a) I’m not wet; I will probably wait for some transport
b) Just the feet
c) Waist and down.
d) Almost completely, I will need to swim.

Answer for Personality Test-Water


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