Personality Test: Vase

Vase – What kind of partner do you prefer?

1) Imagine a vase … How many flowers does the vase have?
a) None
b) Less than three
c) 3-7
d) More than seven

2) How tall is the vase together with the flowers in it?
a) Around a foot (30 cm) or less.
b) Shorter than a kitchen table.
c) Taller than a kitchen table.

3) Is the vase slick and elegant?
a) Yes
b) No

4) Can the vase break?
a) Easily
b) It can happen
c) Unlikely

5) When should first come to peoples mind hen they see the vase?
a) It’s expensive
b) It’s interesting
c) It’s unique
d) It’s beautiful

6) What is the position of the vase in the spare around it?
a) Central (middle of the room, terrace)
b) On the side (near the wall, in the corner)

7) Is the vase transparent?
a) Yes it’s transparent
b) No it’s opaque.

Answer for Personality Test-Vase



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