[Photo] Let there be LIGHT

Hello December! Notice the little snow sprinkles in our site?


It’s a blessing to live in a country with a wide variety of religions, we get to see the streets and shopping malls light up with beautiful decorations periodically. IThis picture below was the first Christmas decoration I’ve seen this year. When you see these decorations, slow down and admire the creative masterpieces around us.

Christmas  decorations in Pavilion,
Christmas decorations in Pavilion, KL
Christmas tree in Pavilion and Mid Valley, KL
Christmas tree in Pavilion and Mid Valley, KL

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Of all the trees most lovely!
Each year you bring renewed delight,
A-gleaming in the Christmas night.

–German Carol (“O Tannenbaum”)


Deepavali or Diwali

Early November, I was rudely distracted by the scenery outside my window. I had recently moved from my hometown where there are very few Hindus to KL, where Diwali is much celebrated and also a public holiday. The icing on the cake is the fireworks. How can anyone not be mesmerised by the sparks that light up the night sky.

Fireworks during Deepavali
Fireworks during Deepavali
Festive of lights
Festive of lights


Of All that’s Random 

The source of light captured through a moon jellyfish (aurelia aurita). It follows the colour of the light shone into the tank. What’s light if there’s nothing to capture it? Well, technically light just passed through its translucent body… still beautiful nonetheless

Moon Jellyfish
Moon Jellyfish


When I was young I used to admire the large decorative fixture mounted on the ceiling. And ever since I had a camera, I had taken pictures of them; as though the magic is captured through the lens.

Chandelier in Gardens, Sunway Pyramid, KL
Chandelier in Gardens, Sunway Pyramid, KL


Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be light 

3 thoughts on “[Photo] Let there be LIGHT

  1. evilnymphstuff December 5, 2013 / 1:42 PM

    You’ve got a beautiful gallery of photos for the challenge! Amazing!

    • Jill December 5, 2013 / 1:54 PM

      Thank you evilnymphstuff 🙂

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