Hello.. 2014!

Happy New Year 2014, dear readers! May you be blessed with wonders the year will bring.

2014 - Fireworks

I always love the new year as it symbolises a new beginning – a fresh start filled with hope and new goals. It is also the best time for self-reflection, to know what has been achieved, what I intend to explore and what I need to leave behind. This is why, at the end of each year, I would take the time to review my life in that particular year. I would have the epilogue post planned out a week in advance;  I knew exactly what to write. Pictures are extracted and uploaded in chronological order. But not this year; this year is slightly different.

Well, this is probably a good time to announce that I am officially working adult now.

I started my first graduate job two months ago, in an engineering service firm based in Kuala Lumpur. In all honesty, I was rather fortunate to secure a job with reasonable pay in a reputable company, just a short distance from my new home. It takes about 15 minutes to commute to work in the morning. Talk about sheer luck.  My office is located in the heart of KL, so I have the view of KLCC and KL Tower on both sides of my office.  On my first day, among many other things, I was pretty estatic with how big my workstation is; a 2 m workstation is a significant upgrade from my tiny 76 cm study table during university years.  The table was completely empty except for a desk phone and a computer. Yes, these petty little things easily make me contented. 

My workstation

My workstation

In my (almost) two months of as a working adult, I am quickly to adjusting to this next chapter of my life. It is definitely the best time to learn new skills and apply what I can. In relation to the job scope, the terms such as procurement, fabrication, blowout, deluge, firewater, ring-main and many more are becoming part of my daily vocabulary. Apart from the company names, the abbreviations such as POB, KOM, COB, SOP, JSA, LQ, WH etc. seem to pop up in various occasions and no longer look bizarre. The choice of words is very important; for example, recently, I was made aware that there is a massive different between update and alter.

Email being the main communication tool for official business, I am consequentially forced to learn and improve on ways to write an effective e-mail. More times than I would like to admit, I spent time on how to get my message across, regardless of queries or requests, without sounding too informal or too pushy. Then, there’s Microsoft Lync. Sometimes I get lazy to walk over to a colleague’s table so I will send an IM over, and usually they are few tables away. I’ll just point this out: I am not antisocial, but I don’t crave social interactions as much as people do. The new year may call for a change…

A personal difficulty would be addressing older people by their first names. I was brought up in an environment where we address the elders with the popular labels “aunties” and “uncles” or their last name “Mr X, Mr Y”. More often than not, these aunties and uncles are not related to us, but calling by the first names are considered ill-mannered. It will take time to adjust to call someone, say, fifteen years my senior, with their first name. But then again, it will definitely be odd to call them aunties and uncles.

The two favourite questions asked in the last six months are “do you miss student life?” and “do you miss UK?” Perhaps it is still too early to say, but I don’t – although in some ways I am very much stuck in the past; the memories seem to linger where they should have been left forgotten. Perhaps in some way, this transition is good for me; a fresh start is always good before I get too comfortable … of being lazy.

Happy New Year to all.

Happy New Year to all.

As I finally embark on this new milestone, my resolutions remain the similar to the previous years: Love myself more. Conquer fears. Expect more of myself and less of others. Forgive. Be positive. Have faith. Be true to myself. Show appreciation. Bring kindness forward. Keep in touch with friends. Remove negative influences from my life. Surround myself with positivity. Relax. Reduce gossips. Be thankful. Don’t judge. Don’t be afraid of hurt. Learn to let others in.

Learn to love.

I’m my own toughest critic, so I had to remind myself to let up on myself once a while, and be slightly satisfied with what I have achieved, big or small. I no longer crave for other people’s approval; I can’t please everyone and definitely would no be able to avoid being criticised. But it’s okay. I choose to believe what I want to, and i know, the things that are meant to be will fall into the right places.

2014 marks the greatest turning point of my blog. I’ve got a lot of thoughts I would like definitely like to pen down. This blog, initially created to document the day to day life of a university student, will now transform a creative writing place, and the occasional sharing of beautiful pictures. I once aspire to be a writer and photographer; so here’s to the hobby that take me further from my original career.

New year should not be measured by the amount of likes on Facebook or Instagram, Twitter followers, or blog views. It should be about the people you touch, the smiles you give, the people that come into your life and never leave. Sometimes I forget to thank people who makes my life happy in so many ways. Sometimes I forget to tell them how much I appreciate them in my life. So thank you all, for just being there for me.

2014, bring it on. I’m ready for you.

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5 thoughts on “Hello.. 2014!

  1. balvarez314 says:

    I loved this post and the things you wish to accomplish in 2014. I too will gave faith and remove negative influences. God pretty much removed them for me. Take care and Gos bless. Check out my blog if you have a chance


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