The Maze in Our Eyes

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.
-Henry Ford

I stumbled upon this gem when I was a little too early for one casual dinner at Avenue K. I’ve seen the side entrance of Avenue K from KLCC LRT a couple of times, but I never thought it was a shopping mall! This poem was taken at ‘Lid & Let Live’ Exhibition by a local photographer, Chuan Looi. He features self portraits, which is really subject to personal interpretation.

Wall of fame at 'Lid & Let Live' Exhibition by Chuan Looi

On the wall of ‘Lid & Let Live’ Exhibition by Chuan Looi, Avenue K

the eye lid
is like a shutter
to an inner maze
of our subconscious mind

when the lids are closed
while we are awake

we can never see
how we doubtlessly
appear to be

not even
in front of a mirror

perhaps it is only
through our dreams
could we see our true self
like we never before

with eyes wide shut
some people dream
in search of the
perfect reality

others stay awake
to escape
the amiss moment

yet to the lens
of the beholder

perhaps once in a while
all we need is to get lost
behind those lids of maze
so we could find ourselves again

as beautiful
as we are flawed


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