Leslie sat at a corner, hugging her knees. She had been in the darkness within the four bricked walls that she lost count of the days. She had not showered since she woke up and was so severely dehydrated that she had not pee in days. The humming of the ventilation fan somewhere above the ceiling was driving her mad. This was a reality too harsh to bear.

All this happened because she went against her better judgement. After being laid off from work and dumped by her so-called boyfriend on the same day, she headed off to the nearest bar and drowned her emotions, one shot after another. You’re not a risk taker, the words echoed in her mind like poison.

Too soon, she was too drunk and too vulnerable to resist the charming man who offered to take her home. His black rimmed glasses, reminded her of someone she tried to forget. Instead, he took her to an unknown place far from the neighbourhood she was familiar with.

He tried to undress her, but she resisted with all her will. He overpowered her with his strength easily. The last thing she remembered before blacking out was the huge slap on her face that sent her crashing on the floor.

All this happened with one bad decision.

She had run out of tears to cry. She stopped screaming when she registered nobody could hear her. One more day and it will all be over. She lied to herself over and over, until the day the lie became the truth.

Suddenly, she heard scuffles of footsteps and muffles of voices nearby. There was a yank and one of the brick wall opened. She squinted her eyes and looked quizzically the silhouette of a man.

“Leslie Patterson?”

He extended his hand but she was too weak to move. She managed a weak nod.

 “You’re safe now.”

He said and scooped her frail body up. He held her in his arms like a jewel, her head turned away from the light outside world. As he carried her out, she knew that this was her second chance to live.

In response to Daily Prompt: Daring Do


3 thoughts on “Saved

    • Jill says:

      Yes, it’s sad but there’s always a good ending. She found a second chance (:

      “Every story has a happy ending. And if it’s not a happy ending, it’s not the end of the story.”

      Thanks for reading.

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