Raya in Miri

One thing I love about Malaysia is the abundance in public holidays. This Raya, we are blessed with two days break extended over the weekend! Ever since I started working, this is my first 4 consecutive nights in Miri. I have been going back periodically, but being thrifty on my leaves, I only return to Miri over the weekend.

It is a coincidence (not really, we planned it) that most of my family and relatives who migrated out for work were back in town. From Singapore, Brunei, Sabah and KL, we all gathered at my grandmother’s place for a happy family reunion. The only slight disappointment was not having my cousin M around, as she is as busy as a bumble bee with her curricular activities in university.

This trip, a lot of my high school friends were back. I was pleasantly surprised to meet most of them – some I had not seen since 2007. That’s what I love about old friends; we could pick up easily where we left off. As there are so many of us at this gathering, we shamelessly took a class-photo at the restaurant!

Of old friends... where we take a formal group photo in a restaurant, just because we can :)
Of old friends… where we take a formal group photo in a restaurant, just because we can 🙂

My gastric kicked in at the start of this gathering, after drinking too much Chinese tea. Note to self in future: no tea on an empty stomach. Ever since the Monday before I flew back from Miri, I was not in my best of health – a combination of flu, cough, migraine and fever. I had no choice but to ask a friend to drive me to the pharmacy to get an indigestion pills before our next venue. We ended the night with several rounds of Saboteur at a friend’s house.

Saboteur cards
Saboteur cards

I am always a little nostalgic when I returned from Miri. How does it feel going from one home, a place you have known all your life, to a new home, the one you are starting to get comfortable in? I am still trying to find the perfect words to describe what I feel. Right now, I am still getting used to the tugging feeling in my heart, like I am leaving something good behind.

When asked how I spent my Raya break, I told my colleagues that I went to Miri. Those who was not aware that Miri is my hometown teased and mocked if there was anything interesting to do or see there. Miri may not be as happening as Kuala Lumpur, but it is the friendships and relationships I built there that made all the difference.

Miri, I’ll see you in August.


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2 thoughts on “Raya in Miri

  1. edgar62 August 1, 2014 / 10:17 AM

    Lovely photograph. Fine looking family. Hope you are feeling better. I think it’s always nice to go home from time to time and one day I’ll get back to Scotland.

    • Jill August 1, 2014 / 10:32 AM

      Thanks! I like that photograph too. Old friends are hard to come by. t’s always nice to return to something old and familiar.

      When was your last trip to Scotland? Where are you now? If there’s nothing holding you from going back to your hometown, pack a bag and go! 😀

      I’m feeling better now, thanks for caring.

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