Q1 of 2015

This few months have gently breeze past and when I finally catch a breath, April greeted me with a smile. The year brings a fresh start; while work and people have taken centre stage in my life, blogging has unfortunately take the backseat to my life.

As January knocks, I celebrated it with friends from hometown. My favourite time, short but sweet, is meeting my oldest friend, Mg. The codes that we created in high school like “acid”, “alkaline” “1222” “2221” seem so silly now but it never cease to make me smile every time.

Welcoming 2015. Summit Cafe, Centrepoint

Nevertheless, the highlight of the month is definitely witnessing my maternal cousin, KV, tie the knot with his sweetheart at a cosy church wedding.

1- KV wedding

In that month too, I managed to take pictures with the paper mache pandas replica at its last pit stop in Publika during the 1600 Pandas Malaysia Tour (Dec 21 to Jan 25). I think we could all agree that we could almost die of cuteness overload when the pandas invaded Kuala Lumpur!

1600 Pandas!

Panda (2)

February started of with a day out at District 21, IOI Putrajaya. My first plan was to go for rock climbing, and after five minutes in the rock climbing section, I realised I have yet to get over the fear of heights. I did however enjoyed the trampoline jumping section! Jump jump jump! As much as I enjoyed the activity, my body has registered many big unsightly bruises on my knees by the end of the day.

District 21


Besides that, February brings the spirit of Chinese New Year as I enjoyed my longest break from KL ever – 10 days! Once again, I met up with some old friends, and integrated the new friends and the old.

Miri (2) 20150217 A picture of us :)

The best part is having the whole family together in the same place – physically – for the CNY. As we grow older, celebrations is a way to keep family close. I enjoy the time spent with my immediate family, my grandmother, and my relatives. I dug out an old photo from KLCC and took similar ones at my grandmother’s place. How time changed all of us physically and mentally! And… we played fireworks!

CNY Reunion: Our very own fireworks!

Miri (4c)

This CNY, many of my old friends were back to my hometown so we had a mini gathering. I brought my cousin out to meet my friends and she said that my circle of friends and hers are not much difference – my friends are as witty and mischievous as hers; it’s no wonder both of us clicked so well!

CNY Day 1: A picture of us. :)

CNY Day 2: A picture of us before the night ends. :)

Back in KL, we had a mini celebration at WL’s place. Lion dance are hard to come by nowadays, don’t you agree?

CNY (1)

20150228 CNY Day 11  (Yes I know I'm a little late) :PBefore CNY ends, I flew back to Miri once again for Chap Goh Meh (Day 15 of CNY) and I had raw oysters! The family once again reunited at my grandmother’s place. She was so full with love and pride  she must be filling all the love in the house! 😀


In March, there was a company Family Day and I spent the whole day with colleagues. I can’t even be sure if I’ve been to Sunway Lagoon but some of the rides gave me deja-vu like I’ve been there or somewhere similar.



I went to My Balloon Fiesta with HC –


putrajaya (1)

I ended March with Earth Hour 2015 walk at Sunway Pyramid… but first, dinner with my cousins. As the saying goes, we are never too busy for people; if we care, we make time.



At the start of the year, resolutions are made. Like many others, I make a resolution list and (like many others too) the top of the list is getting fit, a resolution that was long overdue. Exercising is a good stress reliever for long working hours and meeting deadlines. I notice that I’m constantly in better mood and excited for each day to come. I refuel my passion for yoga, something I let go after a couple of months due to crazy work schedule. And who thought yoga could be so interesting… where you could be suspended by a hammock in aerial or flow yoga.

YogaSo here’s to enjoying the rest of the year, regardless of which perspective we see it in! 🙂


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