Let Me Love You

This could be our story
two independent souls
resonating at the same frequency

Let me show you how our hands fit
and how curves of our bodies match
like perfect puzzle pieces

Let me be your flame
warm your world with joyful smiles
and your ears with bubbly laughter

Let me be your harbour
a safe place that you can reside
a place you share your hopes and dreams

Let me show you the maps to my heart
as I let you trace the paths
to where nobody has ever been

This could be our story
two introverts braving the world
breaking out of our comfort zones

Let me lend you my strength
at times when you feel weak
and everything seems to go wrong

Let me listen without judgement
as you vent your frustration and anger
and confide your fears and worries

Let me share the weight of the world
when the monsters in the shadows emerge
in your hours of turmoil and self-doubt

Let me love you the way I can
through simple gestures
and sincere prayers

This could be our story
we may never know
but let me love you anyway.


12 thoughts on “Let Me Love You

    • Jill says:

      You caught me! I’ve used that phrase in my last post too. I’m trying to say these two individuals resonate at the same frequency, or along that line. Thanks for pointing this out.

      • Dermott Hayes says:

        Resonate at the same frequency? That’s good, like two strings in perfect tune? Vibrating, pitch perfect, together? If you recognise the dodgy phrase, you can find a dozen, in your own words, that are better

        • Jill says:

          I’ve changed it and yes, it does sound a lot better. I think we all resonate at different frequency (that is why we can get some people’s jokes but not everyone’s). I’ve never actually realised that it was a cliche, but it’s definitely something to watch in future inspirations.

  1. Dermott Hayes says:

    I always trust my first instinct, but I check, nonetheless. Old carpenter’s rule, ‘measure twice, cut once’. There’s no harm in a cliche when used sparingly and appropriately, or, if you see a chance to put a new spin on an old cliche? go for it. The verse has been lifted out of the ordinary, now your poem has an eye catching start. Well done.

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