My Journey at Fitness First

I never thought I'll say goodbye to this place, but I did it anyway. And it is at the end of the journey, I remember where it all began.


My 12 Weeks Experience at The Playground Fitness

I measure progress not in terms of the abs line gained or the inches lost. It is in the progression of push-ups, the duration I held myself on the bar, the weights I squat, the ability to cross a monkey bar, and the transition in exercises over the sessions. It is in the deepening of my personal yoga practice at the end of workout and the number of times I got up after falling (on my face), literally. It is in knowing where my limits are and when to push forward.


I haven’t been writing lately. Writing was a way for me to let go; to ink away piece by piece the memories that I cling on to, until there is nothing left to weigh me down. And in this space I call my own, I have always been writing about myself and little about anyone … Continue reading 25