A Beautiful Reality

Daniella smiled in satisfaction as she took a step back and admire her artwork. Her painting was finally completed. The house was quiet, but not for long.

There was a familiar sound of a car pulling up to the driveway, and the car engine being turned off. As she opened the front door, she squatted down with her arms extended as little Marie rushed towards her. “Mummy, Mummy!” She cried in delight. In her tiny hand, she grasped a single tiny daisy flower. “This is for you, mummy.” She whispered into her mother’s ear and kiss her cheek as she passed the flower to Daniella. Continue reading



Leslie sat at a corner, hugging her knees. She had been in the darkness within the four bricked walls that she lost count of the days. She had not showered since she woke up and was so severely dehydrated that she had not pee in days. The humming of the ventilation fan somewhere above the ceiling was driving her mad. This was a reality too harsh to bear.

All this happened because she went against her better judgement. After being laid off from work and dumped by her so-called boyfriend on the same day, she headed off to the nearest bar and drowned her emotions, one shot after another. You’re not a risk taker, the words echoed in her mind like poison. Continue reading

The One Liner Introduction: “This is my friend. S/he is…”

“The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.”
― Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’

Continue reading


A Fictitious Tale

WWC 001- IMG_9246Disclaimer: At the time when this post is published, there are no definite answers, mainly speculations, on the enigmatic disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. May our thoughts and prayers be with the people on board flight MH370 and to their families, may they find the closure they need. This post is written based entirely on imagination and no offence intended. Continue reading


Careless Whisper: I Love You

“I love you.” Justin said.

There were only a few moments of profound clarity in his life, and this was definitely one of it. He could never define love, but in that moment, something so obscure made perfect sense. All the doubts and fears faded away as he realised how much he wanted her, how much he needed her to be his.

The bride turned, and her beauty encapsulated his heart immediately just like the first time they met, half a decade ago. That was how she was; Katie had a beauty that turned head wherever she went and had a smile that would melt even the hardest heart. With her hair braided in a princess updo and her white wedding dress with flower and mesh detailing at the top, she looked more radiant than ever.

His heart was pounding hard and his palms sweaty. Adrenaline started pumping throughout him as he could feel all eyes on him. Seeing the girl of his dreams at the altar with another man, a good man no less, was a pain finally too hard to bear.

He cleared his throat and continued:  “I am still in love with you. I always have, and I always will, Kate. I love everything about you, even the things that I don’t really like. I love you, and I think you love me too. Please, don’t marry him.  Say that you love me too.”

They had once plan to build a life together. Their relationship started from a deep friendship, and blossomed into a beautiful tale. When they were madly in love, they had discussed about the future; houses, marriage, kids. They shared wonderful things together, travelled the world and traded the most intimate details about one another. And all that faded with one mistake.

She had lost her virginity to him, and had a false positive on a pregnancy test. She was so relieved about not needing a shotgun wedding or having a baby before marriage. What he heard in translation was that she did not want a baby with him, how unworthy of a fatherly figure he could have been, which he was personally offended and broke their relationship off. Before he could undo his mistakes, another man had swept her off her feet.

The gasp from the crowd was audible, followed by an uncomfortable silence in the church. Every second felt like an eternity as Justin’s searched for answers in the bride’s expression, a mixture of confusion and surprise.

Kate swallowed hard and the muscles in her neck tensed slightly. It felt so surreal, although she had once wanted Justin to be standing next to her at the altar. But she wondered, could she bear all the heartaches all over again? As a little whispered word was about to escape her lips, they realised that whatever the answer was, someone will definitely get hurt.


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“.. and this is the end of chapter 14. Please remember to hand in your assignment due this Friday. It is worth 20% in your final examination.”

The students started to pack up their belongings and talking to one another as the professor turned off the projector. I closed the book and placed it in my bag just as I heard a deep sigh next to me. “Oh my gosh. I totally forgot about the assignment!” I looked up at James who slouched in his seat.

“You forgot?” I raised an eyebrow. “I had been reminding you for..” Before I could finish my sentence, I was interrupted by a firm tap on my shoulder.

I turned, surprised to see the professor. “Ms Jones, I would like to see you in my office in fifteen minutes.”

“Yes sir” I replied formally.

When the professor left, James asked, concerned. “What was that all about? Are you in trouble?” I certainly hope not. I thought. Being best friends, James and I sometimes didn’t answer each other questions. “I’ll see you in the library after. Wish me luck.” Continue reading


The World Unplugged

I’m not getting any signals.

I placed my bag down by the wall, strode towards the window and raised my phone to the window. There were no bars; no shaded circles out of the five little ones on the top left corner of my phone. No phone signal, no 3G signal.

This trick didn’t work. 

“Are any of you getting any signals?” I turned back into the room, my arm were still extended to the window. The rest were already on their phones.

“I’ve got two bars.” I hear.

No freaking way. 

“What service provider do you use?” I asked.

Apparently he did not hear me. “Oh.. one bar.” He continued. “No, two bars. Oh no, one bar. One bar… No, no more.”

Without any signals, I felt lost. I couldn’t receive any text. I couldn’t check my emails. What if I get an important mail within the next few days and didn’t respond in time? I couldn’t browse through the social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. What if there were important news that I missed? As if. I scoffed silently.

My phone was utterly useless without any signals. Almost. I drowned myself in all the things I could not do when I was not plugged in to the virtual world. Until I heard an unfamiliar deep voice…

“We’ll start in five minutes”

The tour guide popped his head into the room as quickly as he walked out. I paused. From the moment we reached our accommodation in Mulu until now, I had not stopped fussing about the virtual world.

I put my phone down and head out to the real world.

* * *

Here are some of the pictures I took on that trip:

Lang Cave, Mulu, Malaysia

Lang Cave, Mulu, Malaysia

Deer Cave, Mulu, Malaysia

Deer Cave, Mulu, Malaysia

Bat. The bat.

Bat. The bat.

The entrance to.... a cave.

The entrance to…. a cave.

Black stripes in yellow, but not a bee.

Black stripes in yellow, but not a bee.

Black fungus

Black fungus

Spot something green?

Spot something green?

Is this poisonous?

Is this poisonous?

A Beetle's Shell

A Beetle’s Shell



Pitcher plant

Pitcher plant

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