Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I love reading blogs more than novels and technical-related stuffs.  It’s fun to know that there are a lot of interesting people I have never met in person, and most probably never will. But their scribbles and snippets inspire me, and hope it will inspire others too. Thank you to Inky Tavern for the nomination of … Continue reading Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Are we Just Facebook Friends?

Let’s be honest. Most, if not all, of the people we know (yes, you included) have a Facebook account and those who did not probably received a disappointed shrug or a confused stare, followed by the user convincing the non-user of the benefits of Facebook. I followed the trend when I signed up for Facebook … Continue reading Are we Just Facebook Friends?

How to Organise your iTunes Library Effectively

In this tutorial you will learn the basics of how to generally manage and organize your iTunes library with little effort, through a Mac user standpoint. Before we begin, there is a tutorial by Mactut that takes us through the basic clean up of iTunes using the built-in features. This includes deleting duplicates and renaming song … Continue reading How to Organise your iTunes Library Effectively

How to Organise a Music Library (out of iTunes) Effortlessly

Sept 11 is a unfortunate date to remember; my hard disk unsuspectingly crashed on me the night I returned home from my hometown. One week before, I had manually backup-ed all my documents, movies and most importantly, pictures into my new 1TB external hard disk… do you notice something missing? I had conveniently forgot about the music! For a … Continue reading How to Organise a Music Library (out of iTunes) Effortlessly

1-30 Songs

I decided to do a simple challenge from one of the random tumblr site I stumbled upon while blog hopping. There are 30 song challenges, but here's 10 first. What are your answer for each one? Love to know more songs~ 01 - your favorite song I have a lot of favourite songs, but the … Continue reading 1-30 Songs