Summer 2012

Summer is over. The season finally changes as I bid my goodbye to the familiarity and comfort of home and head out to continue the quest for knowledge and adventure. I was more reluctant to leave each year; there were simply so many memories that made this summer as just as special as the last. … Continue reading Summer 2012



I turned 21 on May 19. For as long as I could remember, my birthday was always during the examinations period. This year was slightly different, my examinations started a week later then expected - all the more joy to celebrate being 21. To top that, for the first time in my life I had … Continue reading 21.


HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2012! My first post of the year! *clap clap* This is my third year celebrating chinese new year away from home. Studying abroad has its peaks, but during large celebrations, the feeling of missing home is heightened. Especially this year, when we are having our semester 1 examinations. Due to this … Continue reading 新年快乐!